Finding time to create meaning in your day-to-day—whether that means revisiting what matters most to you or seeking new experiences to broaden your perspective—can be a challenge. But before trying to carve out time amid work, family and friends, you have to ask yourself what making meaning means to you.

One of the best ways to do this, and forge meaningful connections in the process, is to find a group near you that participates in an activity you care about, whether it’s spending time in nature, volunteering, traveling to new places or connecting to your heritage.

Meetup is an app that lets you connect with people nearby, wherever you are in the world, and embark on a shared project or experience. Use the app’s keyword search to find groups you’re interested in joining by entering terms as broad as “volunteer” or as specific as “weekend hiking.”

You can set your location and how far you’d be willing to travel, see existing groups and how many members they have, and access a calendar that shows the time and dates of upcoming opportunities. If none of the existing groups cater to the activity that brings you meaning, you can create your own meetup and lead a group of people to do something that matters to you.