Amruda Nair, CEO of AINA Hotels, gave a glimpse into her life in a recent Times of India interview. She revealed how she sets herself up for success every day, from her go-to stress busters to how she deals with distractions.

One key to Nair’s success? She doesn’t believe in multi-tasking.

She has the right idea: According to Harvard Business Review, multitasking can decrease your efficiency by 40 percent, since it takes an average of 15 minutes to refocus after getting distracted.

Other key parts of Nair’s routine include planning ahead and exercising in the morning during the workweek to make time to enjoy weekend activities.

“What works for me is the cycle of eight—eight hours of work, eight hours of rest and eight hours of recreation. I do not believe in multi-tasking, and eliminate distractions to focus on one thing at a time,” she told Times of India. “Finding the balance is an art and only possible when you have a support system.”

A C-level role like Nair’s can be time consuming and stressful. To make sure she doesn’t burn out, Nair likes to disconnect and recharge with phone-free time at the beach. “There’s no feeling that beats the thrill of kitesurfing,” she said. “It harnesses the energy of all the natural elements around you.”

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