Most content creators, no matter the platform, have experienced their content being posted somewhere else without being asked for permission or being credited. What makes it worse is that big accounts that are getting paid by having massive engagements are doing the same thing; essentially profiting off of someone else’s work.

Amid the rampant reposting and lack of credits for content, Bitch rose up to the top while compensating and linking back to the original creators. Before Bitch posts any content, they make sure to ask explicit permission and give owners a share of the income generated from the engagements on the content.

Since 2016, Bitch, an Instagram meme account ran by an anonymous owner, delivers funny and relatable videos that always go viral after posting accumulating millions of views each time. Over the course of 4 years, Bitch has accumulated over five million followers on Instagram.

Only very few meme accounts across social media have ever had the opportunity to reach an audience of this scale. From that small portion, even a smaller part has expanded and formalized a brand to further themselves. 

Not too many people are aware of the content that is aggregated on Bitch, but it is for certain that most of the videos you expect to see on your favorite meme account will likely go up on Bitch first. Over the course of the last 1.5 years, Bitch has pivoted its brand across different social media platforms, like Facebook, where they chose the name “Betch” to be more family friendly as well as to follow the guidelines for what is appropriate on the platform. Aside from Facebook, Bitch also has accounts on TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and even Byte and has amassed a collective following of over 10M+ crossplatform.

On Facebook alone,  they’ve amassed a following of over 1.2 million users, and on TikTok, in less than a year of starting the page, they have reached over 6.7 million followers.

Not too many other meme accounts have achieved cross-platform success like Bitch. Unlike other established media companies that are associated with memes, all of Bitch’s growth has been organic. There was never any cross-promotion or paid boosting and not a single ad has been thrown onto the page (yet).

Every day, new content goes up on all of the accounts. Each piece of content is carefully selected to ensure its success, and when it does not meet a certain threshold, it is immediately removed. 

Bitch has helped many content creators while breaking many milestones along the way. “I enjoyed memes and thought it would be great to be a part of it. I wanted to legitimize myself and make sure that everyone gets something out of being featured on my page. A million views on any social media platform could change someone’s life overnight. You’ll never know who’s scrolling,” Bitch said.

With the brand and their well-kept practices, Bitch has shown to everyone the many possibilities and opportunities available in the meme community: to fellow meme accounts, crediting and compensating users goes a long way to establish a positive reputation, and to content creators, there is more they can do with their videos.

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