The world that those who have lost have experienced or constantly experience. 

And now, perhaps those of us who have gone through more and suffered through loss are looking at those in the world who suddenly feel like the world has been shaken upside down, and we think…

Welcome to the club. 

Welcome to reality. 

Life is short, and nothing is for certain. 

Grasping doesn’t make it so. 

So welcome to uncertainty

Welcome to life

This is what it is when the whole world wakes up to find

that everything no longer is



It’s ironic because in the workplace, there has been no place to speak about grief, loss, suffering, trauma, fear, worry, and uncertainty.

Yet now in this new world a new normal we find, emerging—

a blurring of boundaries;

a peek into humanity—

The real lives of our bosses, our colleagues, and those of our own.

It’s an opportunity to share in our vulnerabilities and learn to hold space as a society, as organizations, as leaders

And to let this vulnerability and all the tools and lessons we can derive from it to be shared and to be seen.

This is a unique opportunity in time indeed

And trauma heals and trauma bonds

So let us take care to and come together

to be thoughtful about:

How can we support one another?

What systems can we put in place to share not only the new normal, but that which many often hide in their suffering or in their experiences

And yet have gone through tremendous growth and learned tremendous lessons

Through which they wake up and face, grow, nurture, and live with, deeply, every day. 

How do we come together to hold space for one another through all this and through life