This Diversified Entrepreneur Is Creating Brands & Products That Improves People’s Lives, Inside & Out Of Work

Creating impact in people’s lives is one single factor that companies should embrace and strive for if they want sustainability. And as the world and technology evolve, you can tell that consumers will severely punish brands created with no meaning. In other words, brands that will survive the test of time are those that make life better. 

Nathan Harris is ahead in the game. He has positioned himself as a diversified entrepreneur improving people’s lives. But who exactly is Nathan Harris?

About Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris is the founder and restaurateur with over a decade of experience building timeless and award-winning brands. He is also the owner of two bars, Uncle Bucks and Redlife, where you can dine, drink, and dance. Additionally, Nathan is a proud partner and chairman of the LLUX Group, bringing together innovative leaders through experiences. Nathan also owns the Hidaway by LLUX, a jet hanger that has transformed into a luxury event space for LLUX members and private events. 

Nathan’s work in the space is focused on creating products that improve organizational efficiency by providing a predictive talent management system that gives organizations access to a tailored and screen pool of highly skilled talent. But how does Nathan create brands and products that improve people’s lives?

Predictive Talent Management

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to see their business running with efficiency and effectiveness. Talent management is one of the avenues of achieving this goal. Talent Management revolves around employee recruitment, and its purpose is to create a motivating force that is essential for the company’s sustainability. 

Nathan optimizes talent avenues in large companies. He first understands the economics and the microeconomics associated with the workforce. Nathan understands the culture that comes with the business they create. He then focuses on the workforce in corporate innovation. Nathan helps company staff and talented, innovative teams to work on the future of work projects. 


Successful brands are those that have embraced diversity. This diversification has many benefits. Some of these benefits include; increased adaptability, increased communication, attracting, challenging,and retaining more talents, and building lasting customer relationships. 

However, most brands have not embraced this quality. You will meet people traveling for a long time to find a job or a new community. However, Nathan recognizes that poverty is a significant barrier people have. Entry to work leaves people with deadbeat jobs and an increased rate of unemployment. Nathan leads his team to reproduce that barrier by allowing a nap. They help lower that barrier to entry and allow individuals to have higher-paying jobs.

Providing Fun

Nathan believes that entrepreneurs should have fun. Having fun helps create a culture inside and outside of work. He owns bars and restaurants and helps bring people inside and outside of the workplace in an organic way. 

Happy, engaged employees are more productive. This team-building fun helps build trust, mitigates conflicts, increases collaboration, and encourages communication. It results in more engaged employees who are key players in building brands and products. 


Therefore through predictive talent management, diversity, and providing fun, Nathan Harris has managed to create brands and products that improve people’s lives. 

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