This Earth Day serves as a poignant one.  A period in history, where under unprecedented circumstances, we are being presented with more time. Time to reflect, time to imagine, time to explore and time to solve our ongoing disregard of Mother Earth and how to move forward and heal her.  Mother Nature has already given us a sneak preview of what pausing our current overbreeding of meat and over manufacturing of product, amongst other things, will do.  The decrease in the unnecessary has created less garbage and waste and less pollution, allowing water bodies to run more clean and air to be more breathable.  These are just a couple of immediate observations we have all witnessed, while being able to stop and smell the roses.  Yes, the reason behind all this is horrific, however she has been giving us signs for decades and we all turned a blind eye. The earth is deteriorating as we continue to take down forests to build more homes and grow more food to feed a planet that doesn’t have the capacity or space to host this large of a party without taking out land and resources that are vital to our existence.  So let’s really pause today with the time we have been given and challenge ourselves to rethink the way we have been behaving.  What can we do different, better? Because let’s face it, happiness doesn’t come from material things, we know that for sure. So first things first, let’s get happy and then let’s figure out what we can do to help our earth start smiling too.  Here are some immediate ways you can start. Explore the Happiness Course currently being offered complimentary by Yale.  Figure out what’s working in your life and what isn’t.  Use your strengths to help heal the earth.  Secondly, perhaps set some time aside to watch a documentary, such as The Game Changers on Netflix, about the positive benefits of switching to a more plant based diet. If everyone committed to reducing their daily intake of meat to one meal per day, the results would be astonishing.  Many are being forced to do this now anyway, with limited grocery store visits and stores running out of food more quickly due to limited food production

Find ways to use leftovers instead of throwing food away.  Be more aware of your use of electricity during the day. 
Walk and bike more, something many of us are currently doing more nowadays anyway, if only to clear our minds.  If you don’t have a bike, buy a second hand one.  Why not purchase second hand/ antique furniture too!  It will add some character to your home and let’s face it, these items are far better quality anyway.  
Seek out products and businesses that are organic, zero waste, environmentally friendly and locally made. Buying domestically helps cut down on all all those emissions from products being shipped back and forth overseas. 
Buy better quality items, which tend to last longer.  Be mindful of how much your using of any given thing.  Clean up spills with dish towels instead of paper etc. 
We have to start somewhere.  If we all make changes, we can make a difference.  We have started to become accustom to this new way of living, where we have been forced to do without.  Ask yourself, has it really rocked your world all that much?
 By stepping up, you will come full circle and without even trying your life will be more joyful, from these simple measures alone.  
Now is the time to act. Pay it forward today.