buckets of fruits and vegetables

We’ve all been there: standing in line at the grocery store, drumming our fingers on the cart as the checkout line stands still for what feels like an eternity. Though sometimes extreme couponers or slow cashiers are to blame for the stand-still line, bagging groceries is often the culprit. Regardless of what type of bag you use, the time it takes to move the individual items from the cart to the bag can be a waste of time: especially since you unpack the bags as soon as you get home. 

Surprisingly, no type of grocery bag is great for the environment. You may think you’re being sustainable by using reusable grocery bags as opposed to the notoriously criminal plastic bags, but canvas bags have a much larger environmental impact and need to be used over 100 times before they are considered environmentally friendly!

Thanks to TikTok, a genius, eco-friendly hack is here to save us time and the planet. And, the solution is likely already in your closet. 

Laundry baskets are the best way to package your groceries. Simply ask the cashier to place your items back in the cart– exactly how you were shopping with them– then, when you return to your car, unload the items into your laundry basket. It’s that simple!

Reportedly, 70.2% of Americans are either likely or very likely to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you find yourself in that large majority, this is your sign to incorporate a laundry basket into your grocery routine.

On the other hand, if helping the planet isn’t appealing to you, think about how much time you’ll save by using this hack! Balancing heavy bags on every limb, trying to make it from the car to the house in one trip is a thing of the past. Using a laundry basket will actually save you this time– without the painful red marks lining your arms. 

So, regardless of if you’re eco-conscious or hungry for extra time, the laundry basket-hack is great for everyone.