If you’re chasing your dreams, here’s the best tip you’ll ever get:


That’s right. STOP chasing your dreams.

Why? Well, it all comes down to energy. Think about it…

What happens when you chase something?

Naturally, it runs away.

We’ve been wired to believe our dreams are something we have to go after, chase, race toward, etc. But what we actually achieve when we’re in that energy is exhaustion, doubt, frustration… and a dream that always seems out of reach.

It’s time to work with your dreams differently. How? Stop chasing and start trusting. It works. In fact, this energy dynamic is what evolved the wolf into man’s best friend, the dog. The same process works perfectly for uniting you with your dreams, too.

Here’s how to shift the energy around your dreams in 4 simple steps:

  1. Take the reigns.
    Your existence doesn’t depend on your dream. But your dream’s existence depends on you. Your dream needs YOU to give it a home. Step into your power as the master of this dream. It will come to you, not the other way around.
  2. Build trust.
    Rather than frantically running in a million different directions, plant your energy in one place. Tie up the loose ends, finish the necessary research and make the critical connections you need in order for your dream to trust you. Your dream must know you are safe, reliable and ready to be the master it needs.
  3. Flash the bone. 
    As you’re working in this new energy, your dream’s been watching the whole time. It now trusts you and knows you mean well. It’s waiting for your move. When you’re ready, boldly make your offer. You’ll know exactly what will lure your dream in. Hold it out and be patient as your dream cautiously begins to inch toward you.
  4. Love it hard.
    Once your dream has come to you, it takes a lifetime of love, attention and care. Your dream will have good days and bad days and as its master, it’s your job to keep providing it what you promised. Most dreams have shorter lifespans than we think, so love it hard while you have the opportunity.

It’s extraordinary what goodness will come if you’d just let it.

Originally published at medium.com