For over 2 decades in New York City, Alicia Levy dreamed of making it as a comedian. From auditions for The Daily Show to voice-overs for Taco Bell, she was sure this was the right path… until her son was born.

It was then that Alicia did a complete check in about where her life was going, asking herself, “What will be the story my son will tell about me and who I am as a person and a Mom?” Acting is a waiting game: one where you are never in charge of your career. It all depends on others, and emotions are always a roller coaster.

Alicia grew up taking photos. At the age of 9, she even sported a disposable camera at her uncle’s wedding. Photography was nothing more than a hobby until her son became her muse and made her see a new potential future.

JoopaShoots Photography is her second act and Alicia is ready to show the world you can change your dreams and you should never feel stuck.

Her son Jaxon brought this new creative outlet to her life and inspired her to capture these precious moments of kids growing up. Capturing the essence of kids has become a true joy in her life. She loves offering these treasured keepsakes for families to frame in their homes.

“To me what is so special about portraits of childhood is that it captures the innocence and uniqueness of who they are at the time, and it also brings the observer back to the nostalgia of their own childhood and feelings associated with it,” Alicia Levy said. “Every single moment is spontaneous. Instead of forcing a moment that can be easily replicated by asking them to look at the camera, I prefer to let the child lead.”

She definitely has learned to use comedic relief as a tool to make her photography subjects laugh too.

“I have my assistant hit me on the head with a stuffed monkey…a lot,” Alicia jokingly added.

Alicia’s background in sketch comedy enables her to connect with her subjects, get them laughing and relaxed, and immediately relieving them of the need to do a great job or get a great photo. 

“Their spontaneity, my openness to go with it, and the timing of the shutter captures a once in a lifetime moment that is magical,” Alicia concluded.