I have felt angry for years, like many of us, while trying to almost desperately let go of it, of this irrepressible growing anger inside me. The root of this anger is part of the world we live in, and something I wish to address in this paper more than ever, while we are at a crossroads for our own survival and the survival of all beings on this planet.

Rather than trying to let go of my anger, I learned that it would serve me better if I would dare to feel it to be able to step up and act on it in a positive way in the world. This allowed me to understand the emergency of acting on the depth of the anger we all have been feeling for years.

The vast majority of us have felt stuck for a long time in a system we didn’t consciously choose, agreed to or voted for. We need to put an end for good to this international economic abuse, the root cause of people’s repressed fear, frustration and anger.

We are all consciously or unconsciously victim of a global system, we like to call democracy. We are told and repeated by those governing us, that the actual system is the most sustainable for the benefit of all.

We must not go back to the olds systems we have already tried because they also failed, and it’s no use because we need to move forward and not backwards. In order to change things, we must act in a new way, upside down perhaps, because we are in a new world.

There comes a time when enough is enough is enough ! And that time has arrived. It’s now !

People tend to have a short memory when it comes to change, progress and Revolutions. Every Revolution has started when people were suffering too much because they kept hitting their head on the wall, while nothing was changing. We can only see that a Revolution happened afterwards. While in the midst of it, everybody is tired and scared and afraid that things are going from bad to worst. We are actually in those times right now when the Revolution hasn’t come out officially.

Right now, as we are speaking, more and more persons are awakening to this reality, deciding to work on it with the new knowledge we have access to, leaving behind the old ways of making a Revolution, like going in the streets, taking arms, making press statements and tv appearances. Because the old ways can be silenced but the new ones can’t.

Those people are working on it silently yet collectively, taking the matter into their own hands, in ways that are getting more and more contagious, creating a wave, a butterfly effect that will bring change without the need of official institutions. It’s when every single person start feeling concerned and take the matter into their own hands and say : we are all in this together and together we have more power than those few – that we can start moving forward faster and faster in a better way.

This Revolution isn’t happening by going in the streets, by breaking the law or by taking arms, but rather by joining hands to fix what’s not working together. Moving forward piece by piece, in a positive way.

And that Revolution has already started, wether people want to see it or not. And it’s becoming more powerful than ever, because it is a silent Revolution, therefore it can’t be repressed. And this Revolution doesn’t come from outside but rather from within.

The time for a Revolution has come again and we are in the midst of it. But this time, it will be the widest Revolution that ever happened on this planet, moving forward in a new way, more connected with the human needs and nature. This Revolution will question everything from the way we do science, to how we heal, how we learn, what is intelligence, how can we thrive and survive on this planet and find the balance that we have lost for ages.

Back in 1999, when I was studying political science, I learned that Nations were not governing us anymore, that multinational corporations had taken the lead. That was a long time ago, and the information was already acknowledged, even if by a few.

Because we are constantly hitting a wall with this system that hurts most of us, people are getting more exhausted, angry and frustrated every day. This system has become unbearable for the majority of us, the mass.

The French Revolution, we all thought, finally put an end to the feudal system. While it might look like we still have some power through choosing those we elect, the real decisions are taken by those who decide to transform factories in a cheap labor slavery system. Factory workers are the new legal slaves of our times. In fact, we are all slaves of our times, even without realizing it.

The decisions are taken by those making more billions each year, charging us more money every day, to access our own money. They are taken by those who want to help us financially, only when all is good, so that they can make more money from us, while making sure of losing nothing. They are taken by those who agree under certain conditions, to let us live in a house they own, and that they can take away, anytime we don’t provide them with enough money, money they will invest to make more profit ; a house they will make more money with than us. Even though they say it’s ours, they own it.

The decisions are taken by those who physically push sales in doctors offices every day, making more billions every time our Doctor pushes these ‘cures’ to us as the ultimate solution to our condition. We then become a regular client, generating more profit, because stopping medication in some cases will almost be impossible or unbearable. We are growth, we are profit, thanks to our illnesses.

They are taken by those influencing psychiatrists view on mental illness. They are taken by those who ask Mexicans, Malaysians, Indians, North Africans, etc., to answer the phone when we have a problem with a product we bought, with a bank service, to allow them to make more profit, while offering us less service and more misunderstandings and unresolved issues, because of the cultural gap and the language barrier.

They are taken by those asking their employees to answer clients with pre written scripts, asking their employing to put aside they analysis abilities and answer the same way every time, to act and talk like a robot, making it more and more impossible to have an issue revolved, wherever we call, therefore creating more resentment and anger on both sides.

The anger becomes so unbearable that people numb their feelings, putting on a happy mask to cope and survive to the situation. They are taken by those who lobby governments to buy more arms, war machines and planes to fight the next upcoming war.

Most people have lost a sense of even wanting to change things because they think it’s impossible, having lost hope, especially the older generations. The good news is that those we name the ‘me’ generation, the millennials, are eager to move forward and bring change. Because they were born with these issues, which issues became more prevalent.

No, the number of wars is not increasing, we actually have less wars then we ever had in history, there is less famine, less child poverty, more access to clean water, education and Internet. We have all the needed infrastructure needed to have a better world. We just need to share it. Overall, technically, there is progress, but not on what we need to focus on the most. In order to create the international butterfly effect that has already started to take place in different parts of the world, we all need to realize that the matter of changing things is never is somebody else’s hands. Nobody knows better than you or has more than knowledge than you about what we must do.

Take a deep breath, realize that the simple fact that you are alive is a scientific miracle. Start becoming accountable for your presence on this Earth and understand that change starts with ourselves, that we must not wait for others, we are the others. The movement is growing, we are getting there, we are in the midst of the greatest Revolution of all times. We are moving forward toward a world where people will choose to do what makes them happy. We are moving in a new direction where instinct, heart and brain will all work together to finally bring the balanced life we have all been longing for. Join us. This is a new world. It’s time.


  • Isabelle-Anne Belanger

    Spiritual Book Writer and Motivational Speaker

    Isabelle is a Spiritual Writer. She dreams of a world, where each one us could be what they were meant to be. She traveled in over twenty countries, lived in three, and is planning to visit all the wonders of the world while living as a Spiritual Writer. She is currently working on creating opportunities, to share her story of empowerment, through publishing a book on rethinking the way we think and solve issues in the world through inner and outer awareness, the end of separation between disciplines and the integration of the lessons from history.