How do you define your dream job? What makes it a dream job? Is it the salary? The flexibility? The number of nap pods at the office? Well everyone defines it a little differently. MidAmerica Nazarene University recently surveyed 2,000 people and asked them everything about their ideal job, from salary to location, industry, perks and more and found that first of all only 25% of Americans currently have their dream job. As for who is most likely to have that dream job it was Baby Boomers, Doctorate Degree recipients, and residents of the Southwest. Most dream jobs are also located in California according to the survey.

As for what they want as part of the job take a look at the infographic below.

Though commute, vacation days and working remotely all contribute to dream job status we know that salary is often the most important factor. Not surprisingly though there were some major differences between genders when it came to dream salary. Men say they wanted a salary of $444,958 while for women it came out to an average of $278,637, producing a difference of $166,321. Men and women also viewed importance of perks differently. Take a look at the graphic below.

As for who is working in their dream industry it seems some people are already in it like most people that work in accounting, media, construction, engineering and entertainment. Everyone else (administration, finance, hospitality and food, industrial, infrastructure, insurance, marketing and advertising, professional services, real estate, retail and unemployed) wants to work in entertainment.

Originally published on The Ladders

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