I am an introvert of the worst kind. I sneak out of the window when guests come to my house. I pretend to be deaf when someone tries to talk to me at a gathering. I’ve never shared a living space with my partner until I got married recently. And then, lockdown happened!

Being confined inside a 2-bedroom apartment with another human being 24×7 would have been enough reason to drive a creature like me totally bonkers! But here I am, sane and sound, thanks to my stash of makeups!

Yep. Makeup products keep my otherwise very dull and chaotic existence ordered and entertained. I thank the Maybellines and the Sephoras for their enormous contribution towards my mental health.

They add color to my black-and-white indoor life

No matter how happy you are with your partner and your relationship, lack of ‘space’ (pun intended!) destroys good things very fast. When indoor life starts feeling claustrophobic, I find respite in my imagination where I am the warrior queen, and I don’t hesitate to look the part by painting my eyes turquoise blue and my lips scarlet red.

They remind me about normalcy

I still dress up in the morning every day as if I am to go to the office. This is the only thing that this lockdown has failed to change. I love the 30 minutes of me-time every morning when I offer myself the gift of undivided attention. I love the indulgence. I love the self-importance. And I love the fact that it is perhaps one of the very few ‘normal’ activities in my life right now. I feel hopeful that very soon, all the other aspects of our lives will be normalized again!

They inspire creativity

Inventing weird sex positions every day is not creativity if you ask me, but my husband differs from me in this matter. However, learning new tricks of makeup is creative according to me.

Doing makeup is freakishly tough. People who don’t try it don’t know it. It’s an absolutely skillful art that requires knowledge, passion, precision, and vision. I am still pretty new to the world of makeup and I love challenging myself to do the perfectly-winged liner or the sensuously-smoky eyes.

They feel beautiful

Whether makeup makes you look beautiful or not is a controversial topic and I choose to remain neutral. I have no idea if I look more beautiful or less after applying a few coats of makeup. What I know is I feel beautiful when I have makeup on. It somehow boosts my confidence and helps me break out of my shell.

Even hubby loves the occasional indulgence of clear manicures and no-makeup looks that I give him, and happily volunteers to be a model for me to try my mermaid and unicorn makeup looks!

They are just too good to look at!

Admit it. Makeup products are just so cute! I can spend my whole day arranging and re-arranging my makeup closets. When I look at my makeup storage, I see self-love, I feel proud. I remember how I worked hard and earned them, and this feeling is serene.

And these my friends, are enough to keep me happy and heart-healthy during this very odd, very tough time.