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After all the happiness, tears of joy, and pure love that one experiences from getting engaged to their significant other comes the wedding planning process. For many, this process is full of excitement as couples get to plan out their perfect wedding, honeymoon, and more. Planning for a wedding includes all types of arrangements. Booking a venue, finding the perfect cake flavor, and sorting out the best menu are just a few steps of the wedding planning process. 

However, oftentimes planning an event of such importance is associated with a lot of stress and anxiety. Managing your stress levels during this process is just as important (if not more) than actually planning the wedding.

If the thought of things going wrong worries you, relax and realize that you aren’t alone. 40% of couples say that wedding planning is extremely stressful, so don’t think it’s just you who has a bad time. It’s unlikely that everything will go right during the planning process. If things do go wrong, it’s important that you stay calm. 

Staying calm can help you work out the issue, reduce stress, and stay on good terms with your soon-to-be spouse. The tips below should help you manage your stress during your wedding planning.

Manage your finances and stick to your budget

Behind every wedding plan are finances and a budget. Most people who plan a wedding know how much they want to spend to get married. By managing your finances and sticking to your budget, you can avoid the stress of running out of money. 

Keep track of your purchases, choose options you can actually afford, and make educated decisions. You wouldn’t want to end up taking out a loan to fund your wedding in case you spend too much money, as you’ll just end up spending thousands more over the course of paying the loan back.

Communicate with your partner

As emotions intensify during the wedding planning process, you can avoid frustration between you and your loved one by simply communicating with him or her. Miscommunications can make you miss the opportunity to build trust between you and your partner, leading to problems during the planning process and in the future. The more you communicate with each other, the easier it will be to agree on things regarding your wedding. Make sure you communicate from the start to keep your relationship healthy and have the perfect wedding.

Take care of yourself

Here’s the truth: you can’t please everyone. If emotions are running high and disagreements are rampant, take a step back and take care of yourself first. If you feel like the load of planning a wedding is taking a toll on you, just take a break. 

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a massage, a bubble bath, or just some alone time in bed. Solitude helps your brain unwind, which can help you take on your planning with a fresh mind when you get back to it.

Before you have a breakdown, just remember everything will work out. Keeping calm, managing your finances and communication are just a few key steps to having a good wedding planning process. 

If you can’t handle the stress and multitasking yourself, hire a wedding planner or a day-of planner. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful ceremony with the love of your life, and both of you will get to celebrate that moment with all of your friends and family.