This is how you get your health goals and resolutions to stick

Wondering if you’ll be able to stick to those New Years resolutions? According to an article written in the New York post most of us don’t make it past the first month and for many it was over on the 12th of January.

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Don’t get discouraged though, the main reason for this is we keep doing things we think we should instead of doing things we want. Being healthy doesn’t have to mean going to the gym!

Nobody really wants to spend countless hours that we don’t even have doing more work. Most of us just want to feel better so we can function better, at home and at work.

Functioning better comes down to personal goals, strengths, values and even our motivators. I’ve been going to the gym for over two decades and when I first moved to CA. I had no friends, no life and a girl I wanted to impress, so I really didn’t have anything better to do than live at the gym.

But now that I realized woman are more attracted to a good mind than a good body my goals have shifted. I’m also a lot busier and very bored with the gym.

The Secret

My main goal now is to not hurt (mentally and physically). I just want to live well and have fun. Have plenty of energy to play with my children, go dancing with friends and body-boarding with my brother.

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These fitness goals weren’t just for my body they were also for my mind. Happier people are healthier. And when we’re happy we have more energy and are much more likely to be more active.

The secret is to prioritize what’s most important, family fun, spirituality etc… and than try and combine activities that fulfill as many needs as possible. Invite those you’d like to involve and chances are they’d enjoy brainstorming and even implementing your ideas.

As an added bonus, sharing our thoughts with others makes it much more likely we’ll follow through, it’s like a form of accountability. When we enjoy the activities we’re much more likely to keep doing em.

If you’re not a very active it’s a must you start small so you don’t burn yourself out. Maybe just walking your pet around the block and/or eating some veggies just 3 days a week. In time you’ll start to build your confidence from achieving small wins which propels you to keep going and even trying new things.

Don’t judge yourself. Think about how you’ll feel in 5 years with small steps forward as opposed to how you’ll feel if you continue doing the same things, (this is a very powerful motivational tool). Remember, it’s not a race, enjoy the process…