I suggest to read My experience abroad and socialy adapting back home #part 2 and to play a song Somewhere over the rainbow.

For this story i would propose to play Christhmas festival

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28.11.2017

I traveled to Jobfair Mojedelo in LJubljana. My passion is in automotive. I seen there is  very much going on.  i have made a talk to international company and with every single one of them. I started to talk with the first and then the second and than the third and the fifth and so on. I have talked about electrical car and we share few ideas to employ in their company. i done my best but it wasn’t much. After the talk my future i made accountable to give feedback to a company. 

There was one interview to work abroad. I know how to integrate and to take private lessons of language when i need it. They tell me that they hire me if i have come with an accountablity to getting back to then. There was another interview with a hot and exciting company for motorbikers. They did want to hire me for a job in the production of exhaust systems on cnc machine. They make my work accountable to communicate over E-Mail for this job. I drove home. 

Bled, Slovenia, 29.11.2017

I receive invitation over LinkedIN  for the Industrial engineer abroad. I manage a SKYpe interview. I came on the conversation in local Library. So what did happen. I talked to the company and i like the company and things they are offering. I can do a job in German ones again. I think i can start to work after the new year. I could work as a maintainer of machines in over all Europe. I think that my good language skills are an advantage and i could be very good on every field, from technical and communication. I have made it. I felt good. I get the invitation for the next interview in the company office in Germany.

Regensburg, Deutschland, 4.12.2017

I travel with my car in Regensburg. The path was seven hours long. I take everything to arrive on time. This job allready took a lot of effort. There was the presentation about the company and about the work of Industrial engineer. I took very good effort on the physical test and skill test. After than there come the interview, and it make me shit my pants. I need to walk through the city of Regensburg to release the tention. I meet my friend and talked with him. Interview started very soon. I give every thing out to them, I introduce my passion of automotive, i took my answers good on standard questions, I did well. After that i went in the city of Regensburg. After that I drive home.

6.12.2017, LJubljana

Back home I drive to the mountains. Our mountains have many cross county tracks, there is a lot of people doing cross county – it is the best sport. Instructor give me few lessons how to do cross county, i learned the technique and how to get into a good condition.

I drove to the mountains every day to do cross county. I pack the stuff in the car and take the suitable dress. Firstly I wax skies and then I run until I get tired. After the end I drive home. Back home I have to heat a house in which I am living in. On such a cold winter I have to put on a fire quite a few times a day. in the past It was not needed to do this kind of work, but up ahead it is what i need to do and it can be what ever it need to be. All work is about half till one hour peer day and it is reasonable.

I drive to mountains to get over 2000 m. I saw my friend the other day, cold freezed hand walking on top of that mountain. Well many ascent with the help of crampons and pickaxe. On the ascent is over two meter of snow. Despite the strong wind, broad snow cushain, I just keep on walking. With the help of pickaxe and crampons I ascent to the top. It is so BEAUTIFUL, our highest mountain Triglav is standing in front of me, around me is everything white like in fairy-tale and there is no black bird that used to fly over here.  The descent was easier. I was feeling proud of the achievement to achieve the mountain. 

Ljubljana, 15.12.2017

It’s my birthday. I am preparing a celebration, a big champagne on ice. As i remember i went to Ljubljana for the consulting. That was my birthday present that i give to myself. After than i meet with my friend and later on i celebrate back home. 

Over the past weeks I’ve been on a mission to play in the orchesta. As I rehearsed every day, I have found a way to address the main event thet will be held soon. This is “the best way” to get my dreams come true. I become also spiritual and not much tied to my finances.

New year is a new leaf,

in the book of time white and pure,

on it we are writing our wishes,

happiness, peace and joy.