When I wrote this article, I was both happy and sad at the same time. Why? Because the day that I have been thinking of for a long time is coming up. After four years at Shippensburg University, I am finally graduating from this institute. Looking back at my journey, I have been through so much up to this moment. I have had many triumphs where I grew in character. I have also had many failures where I also grew from. Now, I bet you are wondering, ” How did you grow and mature from both triumph and failure?” That is because no matter the situation, life is full of lessons. One way or another, you will learn something about yourself as life goes on. College helped me realize things about myself that I never thought were there, to begin with. I never thought that I would be a well-respected leader on campus, join a business fraternity, or surround myself with a group of people who help me become more than who I am.

I have gained so much here at Shippensburg University. The part that saddens me is that most of it are coming to an end. I honestly wish I gained confidence sooner than later. That way, it would be less hard to say goodbye. For example, the Multicultural Student Affairs office was my second family from home. They welcomed me with open arms and had confidence in me even when I had none in myself. I never thought much about MSA when I first joined, but, once I really got involved, MSA became my new family. And when I joined Alpha Kappa Psi, they were another support group for me to be with. Before joining, I had no idea how competitive the business world was. I also was unaware of resume building. To this day, I am always trying to be on top of my game with business-related endeavors. To be honest, When I wrote this, I almost cried because I was having trouble moving on from all of this.

I was just not ready to give up what I had on this campus. The part that stinks about leaving college is that the things I loved about this campus are deteriorating. MSA is close to ending because no one on campus will help us. AKPsi’s numbers are dwindling. My favorite dining hall is closing down. Overall, this campus is becoming more separated than it used to. I wish I could stay just a little bit longer just so I can help out in any way possible. I would try and make a difference. Despite feeling how I am feeling, I still need to finish what I started. I still need to graduate.

And after I graduate, the world will be at my disposal. But, that does not mean I can’t be educated anymore. When you finish college, life will be your new teacher. Life will send obstacles and opportunities down your path to test you and mold you into a better version of yourself. The only thing is, it is up to you to decide whether you will take those lessons into effect or reject those opportunities. There are things in life that college can’t teach you. All that college teaches can be found in a library. The key to real learning in life involves an open mind and a curious personality. My point is, the college has done what it could for me and you to prepare us for the real world. Now, we will experience learning for ourselves.