Lander Wyoming Digital Detox

Are you looking for a summer destination where you can appreciate nature along with a quaint and vibrant hometown scene? Somewhere completely instragramable, but so perfect you want to put the phone down and explore? If you said yes, say hello to Lander, Wyoming. This all-American hometown is a place where everyone roots for the home team, celebrates people of the community in local headlines and greets all visitors with smiles and waves. And to add to that, Lander’s landscape offers incredible views, outdoor adventure, and a spot-on local market and food scene.

Lander is located in the Wind Rivers area of Wyoming and home to NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School. Greeted by the annual pull up competition to kick off The International Climber’s Festival at the Lander Bar was the perfect welcome to this outdoor mecca. Local beer, people cheering, and one hell of an intoxicating environment suited for families, couples, or groups of friends. Lander’s distinct vibe sucks you in with a feeling of time standing still and transporting you to a place where nature and conversation make you want to leave your cell phone at home.

International Climbers Festival Lander Wyoming
Photo by John Hartley

What to do in Lander, Wyoming: 

Take a Jaunt Through Lander Valley Farmer’s Market

June 1 to October 12 from 9:00 am – 11:30 am on Saturdays, Lander City Park comes alive with vendors from all walks of life. Baked goods, fresh goat cheese, coffee, artists, musicians, produce, ice cream, meat, eggs, dairy, flowers, and more. The Wyoming Food Fremont Act allows everyday people to make homemade goods for sale and consumption. Teachers, biologists, bartenders and more have started businesses in their home and show up to the market with some of the most amazing products. Check out Slow Goat Farm for cheese indulgence, and Speed Goat Coffee to jumpstart your morning.

Hike To Natural Waterslide 

Mother Nature has graced Wyoming with the most beautiful natural waterslide and cascading falls in Sinks Canyon State Park. Popo Agie waterslide is a small waterfall with a smooth surface that allows the perfect place to slide down into a crystal clear swimming hole below. It may appear intimidating from looking down on it, but this natural thrill is better than any water park. It’s a short 1.5-mile hike to the falls. Pack a picnic lunch and hang for a while. 

Natural Waterfall Lander Wyoming
Photo by John Hartley

Mountain Bike Johnny Behind the Rocks Trails

Whether you are seeking epic or an easy bike adventure, Lander and its surrounding area offer some breathtaking scenic trails. Rent a bike from The Bike Mill or go into the shop to talk about the trail building and cultivating that has continued to draw visitors from the globe for over a decade. 

Attend the Outdoor Climbers Festival 

The International Climber’s Festival will be held July 10 -14, 2019. If you go, attend the kick-off pull-up contest. There are tons of activities as well as climbs. If you don’t make the festival this area in world class for climbing options.

Where to eat/drink in and around Lander, Wyoming:

Dinner at Cowfish

Whether you are seeking fish or beef, this four-star restaurant dishes up some delicious goodness.  Located on Main street and open for dinner seven days a week from 5-9 pm and brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 2 pm. 

Breakfast at The Middle Fork

If you are into eggs benedict, you must try this at The Middle Fork. This local hot spot works with the community to gather and prepare fresh ingredients and is perfect for breakfast, brunch and a mimosa, or lunch. Closed for dinner. This hometown cafe with charm offers an extensive menu with several gluten-free options.

Coffee and Quick Bites at Lander Bake Shop

Filled with local art, perfected baked goods, small bites, and incredible coffee, The Lander Bake Shop is a charming destination on its own. Skip Starbucks go here. Open 7 days a week and closed in the evenings. 

Lander Bar
Photo by John Hartley

Grab a beer at Lander Bar & Burger at Gannett Grill

Enjoy a tasting flight of local craft beer, order a burger, and enjoy the company of locals and visitors at Lander Bar. It’s known for its wild wild west feel and has been running strong since 1908. 

Drive to Hudson for Steak and Cocktails at Svilar’s Bar & Steakhouse

This old-school style steak house serves prime rib, steak, seafood, and cocktails. Family-owned, this restaurant has earned accolades for the best steak off-the-beaten-path. It’s fun, and approximately 20-25 minutes from downtown Lander. 

Where to stay

Shoshone Rose Casino and Hotel 

Clean rooms, food and snack bar on site, and gambling. Short drive to downtown Lander.

Mill House

A small boutique style hotel on Main Street in Lander that allows you to walk easily downtown. 

Photo by John Hartley