We hear a lot about, and understand the necessity of, consistency with strategy, visibility and all the other ‘external’ work it takes to start, run and grow a business.

We know it and understand it, but that doesn’t mean it feels easy to do, right?

But that’s understandable too, because when we focus on the external work, as well as having to learn new activities and push past discomfort to try new things, we’re engaged in a battle of worry, doubt and self talk questioning if we’re:

Good enough
Know enough
Doing the ‘right’ thing and
Ever going to make this ‘business thing’ work

to have the autonomy, flexibility and freedom we crave so that we can create a business (and therefore a life, right?) around what matters to us most.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, the very next decision you need to make is to focus on consistency with the ‘inner’ work it takes to start, run and grow a business.

When you do that, you’re equipping yourself with a strong personal core that makes doing all the ‘external’ work so much easier.

I spent ages when I started my first business in 2016 completely underestimating the power of mindset work and thinking it was nailing all the external (and more ‘businessy’ feeling) work that was going to lead to me feeling good about my business progress. However, eventually I realised I had this completely back to front (so let me save you some time and hassle if I can!)

The inner work is the place to start to give you the best chance of success with your business endeavours without constantly fighting with the inner gremlins of self doubt, fear, imposter syndrome and any other ‘nasties’ you can name.

This inner work, or building a business mindset, requires consistency too, and I GET that it can feel like something else to add to an already overwhelming to do list, something that could wait until you ‘just crack’ the online marketing conundrum or ‘hit upon’ the perfect blend of strategy and visibility that everyone else seems to have nailed faster than you can construct a flat pack bookcase.

But it’s not.

It’s the activity that will help you gain the clarity and cultivate the supportive mindset you need to take action in your business with more confidence, energy and ease,

Happy to acknowledge what you really already know, that there’s no conundrum or perfect blend,

But there’s YOU and that’s really all you need.

So, how do you commit to the mindset ‘work,’ a consistent personal growth practice to underpin your business activities and support you on your path to the success, fulfilment and impact that’s forever on your mind?

This commitment is about using your body not your brain.

It’s about putting your belief and energy behind the principle,

Mainstreaming it and incorporating it into who you are.

Develop a ‘journaling for business mindset’ habit.

Feel into it, shift your mindset to fully embrace it and adopt is as part of your self care,

Rather than it just being something you do (like brushing your teeth as a routine).

Make it part of who you are.

Make a commitment to doing the inner work to help you make the external work happen.

Decide that you cultivate clarity

Decide that you work on your mindset so that it supports you

Decide that this will give you what you need to take the assured action that will allow you to flourish doing the work you want to bring to the world.

Make the commitment today.

Are you going to make this commitment to building your business mindset?