I am alive today because of what I was taught about intuition. 

Thirty six years ago, at the age of 16, I met a woman who changed my life. Her name was Jean Sutherland and she was a Jungian therapist. I had never been to therapy before and I was terrified, I just knew that without help I wouldn’t survive. 

I didn’t know anything about intuition. Having my own thoughts wasn’t encouraged in my family, much less trusting what I felt. One person had all of the power and standing up to him was pointless and quite scary, especially as a child. As a result of this and bullying, I barely had a self and the one I did have I was ashamed of and hated. Years of anxiety, depression and a severe eating disorder took hold as a way to try to escape, but you can’t escape who you are. There is only one way to do that and I was ready. I was going to drive my shiny yellow Camaro into a tree. Only thinking about how it might hurt my grandparents and brothers stopped me. Divine intervention took hold and I found a therapist by calling our family doctor. My parents didn’t even know. I didn’t think they would care or want to participate. I didn’t think they would ever change and I was right.

Jungian therapy is patient centered. Carl Jung was a Swiss Psychiatrist who believed that we have all of the answers we need within ourselves. Intuition is an important part of making a person whole, which is the goal of this type of counseling. Intuition helps us to identify what we are feeling and thinking. Accepting all parts of a person and bringing them into the light, out of the Shadow, what he called the part of ourselves where we hide our fears, traits and feelings we don’t want or like and more, helps with addiction, depression, anxiety and other issues. When we are able to feel everything without judgment, we are less likely to need to escape. Entire books have been written on the concept of the Shadow. 

At the tender age of 16, I realized that up to the point of starting therapy, I had been living a lie. The person I had been showing the world wasn’t real and neither was what I had been telling myself. I’m writing a book about my life, how Jungian therapy helped me and about my life as a medical intuitive and counselor but the ten second version is that I learned that I had nothing to fear. I had nothing to be ashamed of or to hate. I didn’t need to escape by eating everything in sight and getting rid of it or by obsessing about my weight. The most important part is that I learned that I was worthy of being loved. I had been loved my whole life and would continue to be loved forever. 

That’s where intuition comes in. Jean taught me that intuition is God within as she called it. It is 24/7 unconditional love and acceptance. We can’t do anything to turn it against us. It is always there to tell us what we need to know about ourselves or about any situation. Once I embraced this and started communicating with it on a regular basis, I realized that I was never alone, something I had felt all of my life. Much later I realized that my guides also speak to me through my intuition. They help me in my medical intuitive and counseling work. 

Intuition is always there to protect us and make sure that we are on our true path, not the path someone else wants us to follow. It is especially important for people with strong empathic abilities to connect to their intuition so that they keep their feelings separate from the people around them. It can call on us to make difficult choices, like standing up for ourselves and saying what we feel, but the alternative, I have learned, is illness and addiction. 

With self love, self acceptance and connection to our intuition, we can heal from anything. Thank you Jean for teaching this to me. I wish I got to tell you one more time in person before you passed, but I will be forever grateful. 

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