We all dream of having the perfect house, the one that meets all our needs, in environments full of warmth and comfort.

A good distribution, the appropriate materials and colors for each space, good lighting, and attention to detail, are the right mix to design and achieve the house that we have always dreamed of

1. The first impression: the facade

The facade of the house is the letter of presentation of our home; It is said that as it is inside, it is outside, so much attention must be paid to its design. The facade must correspond to the style that prevails inside the house.

The pure lines, the neutral colors, combined with a mixture of textures in the finishes will be a cordial and warm invitation to know what is behind the door.

2. The hall

The first environment that the guests will see, as well as the first and last that you and your family see, is the hall. This must give a friendly and cozy feeling; it must have warm lighting and details such as flowers that will delicately perfume the space cannot be missing. The hallways are usually small and with few natural light inputs, so do not rule out the possibility of placing a mirror in this area of ​​the house.

3. Cozy materials

The perfect home should be cozy, warm, and elegant. Here we can rely on the building and construction materials that cover the walls and floors. Wood is a great alternative because by nature it is warm, and it is also ideal for all architectural styles. The floors in this material are highly appreciated and give elegance to the environments; Combined with concrete or stone, you can emphasize the style you want to represent, in addition to giving a lot of richness to the textures in your home.

4. A good layout

The distribution of social environments must be designed based on offering a circulation without complications, so that they can move between them easily, so that spaces must be left without obstacles to achieve this. Currently, architectural designs have a great predilection for open plans, where all environments share the space without physical divisions.

To differentiate them, you can use the color of the furniture and the walls and the carpets. Get inspired by this fantastic design.

5. Natural light

Natural light is one of the priority factors in the design of a perfect house, since it makes them more beautiful, bright, welcoming and allows savings in electrical energy.

But not only that, a house with good natural lighting will also give us the feeling of greater space. Choose tickets with few irregularities, to make the most of these benefits.

6. Possibilities of transformation

Change or renewal is something inherent to the human being; We are always in a constant search for new things that allow us to transform ourselves and our spaces.

Choose furniture and accessories that can help you achieve small changes when you need them, such as modifying the distribution of the furniture, adding some notes of vibrant color, that is why it is important that the color base of your house is in neutral tones. This will help you make small changes over time without the need to invest a lot of money or effort.