In this article I am going to reveal to you in a nutshell what I have learned when it comes to detox and weight loss over the past 15 years. I will share with you my best kept detox secrets that can change your life. But who am I to teach you and why should you listen to what I have to say?

I started out quite unfortunate when it comes to genetics. All the women in my line developed cancer, at a very young age. My great grandmother died of breast cancer at 40, my grandmother diet of uterus cancer at 46, my mother was the first one to survive breast cancer at 42 but had to undergo six chemo therapies and it broke my heart to see her fighting for her life and suffering.

I decided to break this cycle and never get cancer in the first place. From my teenager years I began reading every book I could find about health, nutrition and experimenting with countless diets. And it became clear very early on, that detoxing was the key.

Now, 15 years later here I am, helping thousands of women holistically heal and detox, incorporating mind, body and soul, through my signature “Happy Detox Program”.

Here is the deal. The term detox has been misused for many years. When people think of detox they think of juice or master cleanses, starvation and malnutrition. I am here to tell you very honestly that those cleanses not only do not work, but also leave you worse off than before.

Why? Because everything that puts the body into an extreme situation for too long does more harm than good. This doesn’t apply to short term stimulation like intermittent fasting, short cleanses or HIIT training. Your body needs constant stimulation and breakdown in order to grow stronger.

This principle applies to every aspect of your body, muscles and cell tissue. When exercising, you destroy tissue that rebuilds stronger. When doing micro needling, you destroy skin that regrows smoother. You get my point.

However, there has to be time for repair, recovery and refuelling. Most people just destroy and challenge their bodies every day without taking the time to repair and refuel. The secret is to find that sweet spot of perfect balance for yourself and your body.

So, how do you achieve that? As a rule of thumb, no matter what you do, ask yourself first: “Can I maintain this routine for the rest of my life and feel amazing while doing it?” If yes, it is the right path for you. If no, you have some work to do and search for your individual perfect solution (even if it takes you 15+ years). I devoted my life to help people lift those heavy veils and limitations off themselves in order to feel healthy, happy and lean again.

So let me give you the shortcut here. In order to be in that sweet spot of perfect balance your bodies ph level has to be slightly alkaline at 7.5 pH. In this environment no disease can survive. Studies like this show how to exploit the pH biology interaction in the management of cancer. Simply put, it is of utmost importance to keep the perfect pH level to minimize your risk of cancer, chronic diseases and stay healthy.

The biggest problem in todays society is that people are highly acidic. What they put into their bodies, the stress they encounter during work, the suppression of emotions and being exposed to all kinds of chemical toxins, pesticides etc. puts a heavy toll on their bodies and creates over acidity. The perfect breeding ground for pathogens, viruses and parasites. How to fix this?

1) “Super Alkalizers”. Those are ingredients that have the ability to alkalize your body instantaneously. My favorite super alkalizer is Natriumbicarbonate known as organic baking soda. I have been taking 1 teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm water every single day for years and it is the most powerful weapon against diseases and weightloss.

What most people don’t know is that they are not overweight but they have massive water retention in order to neutralize all the acids that are stored in their cell tissue. As soon as they start to get more alkaline, acids are being dissolved and eliminated and the body loses excess water weight.

After taking soda for one week, most of my clients start to feel less puffy and bloated. Try it for yourself and thank me later. You can get organic baking soda here.

2) Daily Detox Drinks. When I say detox drinks I do not mean starvation diets with detox teas and juice cleanses. What I mean by that is that you have to make sure to drink enough and what you drink has to be of highest quality ingredients.

Fresh pressed juices and self made smoothies, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are the best (not the prepackaged stuff from the supermarket). Cold pressed juices consist of organic water that is absorbed and utilized immediately. Astringent fruits like lemon, grapefruit, grapes and pineapple have the most detoxifying effects on your body. Ingredients like celery are perfect to balance chloric acid in your stomach and beetroot naturally detoxifies your liver. Try to add those ingredients as much as possible in your daily meal plan.

Here is the twist though: instead of drinking ONLY juices, simply incorporate one juice first thing in the morning and keep the rest of your macros in place for the day. Over time, these juices will gently detox you the happy way without leaving you deprived or starving.

3) High Energy, High Nutrition Food. When it comes to food, my approach is very simple and straightforward: Before I eat something I ask myself if I want this to become a part of myself? Because that is basically what happens to your body after you eat it.

Do I want to become a garbage dumb consisting of fast food, dead animal protein and cookies & cream? This would create the perfect environment for my cancer genes to thrive in.

I choose to eat only high energy, high nutrition foods like organic fruits and vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds that detox me on a daily basis – the happy detox way. Basically, I follow a high carb vegan diet most of the time – with some exceptions here and there.

4) 80/20 approach. Simply because I believe that if you eat healthy 80% of the time, you can (and should) indulge 20% of the time in order to make your soul happy. In my 20% list items you will find red wine, chocolate, non-vegan cakes and pastries.

If you make sure to integrate organic fruits and vegetables daily, you naturally detox every single day simply because your body is designed to do that. This process is called “Autophagy”. What is it? It’s your body’s natural cleaning process that recycles toxins in your cells and turns them into energy. Basically it is the cellular equivalent of burning your trash in order to survive and stay warm.

Over time, your cells accumulate toxins, dead organelles, damaged proteins, and oxidized particles that interfere with cell function. This accelerates aging and makes you more prone to diseases. Autophagy is the body’s method of clearing out this clutter. The less clutter, toxins and acids, the longer you stay young and lean. Therefore, another best kept secret is to create the perfect environment for autophagy through intermittent fasting, regular cleanses in form of my Happy Detox Flush™, Liver and Kidney Cleanses as well as cleaning your Lymphatic System.

Autophagy is mainly turned on when fasting and limiting protein consumption. When practicing daily intermittent fasting you don’t eat for a time window of 12-16 hours. Since morning time is detox time for your body (aka. going to the bathroom) you don’t want to mess with this process but ease into your day with fresh pressed juices and smoothies. The first time I have solid food is for lunch or sometimes even dinner.

Fruits and vegetables have the perfect protein ratio for the human body and if your diet consists mainly of those two superstars, you naturally detox and create the perfect environment for efficient autophagy to happen. The fruit acids naturally cleanse your cells and help your kidneys and colon to eliminate quicker and more efficiently. But what about the the sugar you may ask? Sugar is bad we have been indoctrinated to believe right? As with everything in life, there has to be a balance. Most people do not know that sugar from fruits has the capacity to diffuse into the cell causing minimum spikes in insulin excretion from the pancreas (it is best to eat fruit mono-meals without mixing proteins and fats).

We naturally have a sweet tooth and there is a reason for that. If a child has to choose between a banana or a medium rare steak: what would it naturally be drawn to? Think simple. Life is meant to be easy. It is the human mind that overcomplicates everything with all those studies and research on what diet is best for us.

5) Lastly, you need to “Detox your Mind and Emotions”. Sometimes, no matter what you do or how healthy you eat, you simply cannot lose weight. Often, there is a deeper layer, a deeper reason or pattern in your mind, through your beliefs or in your emotional body through unresolved, stuck emotions. In order to detox those layers, there are certain very powerful techniques that I teach in my Happy Detox Program. If you feel that my holistic and intuitive approach resonates with you, I highly recommend to go through my FREE Detox Video Course that teaches you how to create powerful detox drinks, perform my Happy Detox Flush™ and much much more. You can access the course here:

Detox can be so easy when it is done the happy way. All it takes is having the knowledge and discipline to do a little detox for yourself each and every day. If you detox every day the happy way, over time, people will ask you what your secret is? It happened to my clients and it happens to me all the time.

The best thing about this lifestyle is that it works in your favor. The older you get and the longer you are on this lifestyle, the cleaner and healthier you become. It’s the exact opposite road of where everyone else is going. The question is: “Do you want to join me?” Let me know via Instagram or Youtube


Katharina Podkin is a Certified Detox Expert and creator of the Happy Detox Program.

Her uniquely holistic approach, incorporating mind, body and soul, has helped thousands of women break free from limitations and feel more happy, lean and clear as well as achieve long lasting and healthy weight loss results.

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