When am I most impressed? When I witness purity of purpose and talent.

There are a lot of talented folks who work tirelessly…but yearn to do something that aligns with their purpose. They spin their wheels to be productive and get ahead (and often do, by conventional standards) but never feel fulfilled.

There are those who know their purpose…but are too scared to take action, pushing their true talent to the background. They tell themselves that what they’re doing is good enough, but also are left feeling unfulfilled.

But every once and awhile, I catch a glimpse of someone who is brave enough to align their purpose with their talent.

I say brave because make no mistake, it can be terrifying to cast aside those things you’ve always done, the so-called “talents” that you’ve hidden behind while you were waiting for the right time to come forward with your true calling.

You’re vulnerable. Exposed. You might be challenged or ridiculed.

And still, you push through.

But it can also be exhilarating. A rush to know, deep in your bones, that you’re on the right path. And so worth it.

I’m inspired by your unstoppable energy. Motivated to keep going. Awestruck at your positive transformation.

Because when you combine purity of purpose and talent, amazing things can — and do — happen.

First published on LinkedIn