The only person that can balance your life is you. No one can decide your attitude, make your decisions, or select your life path. People oftentimes love to assess other people’s actions and decide whether they are right or wrong. The truth is, we are all “building” a home and people can design their life as they choose.

My Grandfather was explaining to me that we are all “building” a foundation and it eventually turns into our home. “The house I am building on depends totally on my decisions and attitude.” It doesn’t matter what makes others happy, you must construct your home in your own unique manner.

Every single day is a small piece to the home you are working on. Your daily choices, attitudes, and mindset change the formation of the house. As my Grandpa described to me, we control each aspect within the life that we are working on.

You decide how sturdy your foundation is and the structure of your character. Home doesn’t have to be an actual house, it can be within yourself. Everything you do adds to the construction of the project of your life. Today may feel like a “normal” day, but it is another opportunity to keep building.

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