The crazy popularity of the Konscious Keto Shake has surprised its creators who weren’t expecting to sell out 3 times already… and demand keeps on soaring!

The delicious creamy Keto Shake, made by Konscious Keto, was launched only a few months ago with little publicity but word-of-mouth spread and sales for Keto Shake have been flying off the shelves.  

The pace of growth was so rapid that even after selling out, people continued placing orders regardless of the wait.

“We designed Keto Shake to be the meal replacement shake we wanted to take ourselves. In fact, we spent over 8 months perfecting the formula to where it is today,” Konscious Happiness Officer Clurra Goodwin was recently quoted as saying. “In February, we were finally back in stock — and then the rate of buying went up by four times.”

Konscious are expanding into new areas with their designer “Chocolate Ketones” called Keto Activate and their keto kickstarter program the Slim21 Keto Challenge. They also have a loyal online community of people looking for tips, tricks, and advice on all things keto.

“The people who love the Konscious brand and community has blown us all away,” Goodwin said. “We’re so grateful our passion for a healthy lifestyle is shared by others. We still can’t believe how many messages we get each day from people who are experiencing amazing benefits like managing cravings, weight loss, more energy, and the convenience to eat healthy and keto anywhere and any time of the day.”

So what’s so great about this Keto Shake, anyway?

Let’s look closely at the ingredients.

First on the list, is top shelf Medium Chain Triglycerides (or MCT’s). These supercharged molecules are — in fact — your body’s preferred source of energy.

Full of essential fats, MCT’s are quickly metabolized into ketones, delivering pure mental energy that can keep you performing at your best all day long.  

The MCT oil found in Keto Shake is extracted from 100% organic coconuts and contains nothing artificial whatsoever.

The shake base is avocado oil — a certified superfood with many health benefits and frankly one of the healthiest oils on this planet.

In fact, avocado oil is so powerful, it received prescription drug status in France. The French doctors believe it has a proven ability to help overcome the effects of arthritis…

Also included is the super-fiber prebiotic named Inulin which has been shown to enhance weight-loss, curb cravings, reduce cholesterol, and optimize gut health.

Keto Shake uses Grass-Fed Whey Protein — one of the most nutrient dense, ultra-high bioavailability proteins around, and provides the most complete blend of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) money can buy.

To get that sweet satisfying flavor, Keto Shake uses a combination of two natural sweeteners.

Konscious revealed that their ‘secret trick’ is to combine two different natural sweeteners in order to balance each other out.  

And — when used in this specific combination, they enhance the other natural flavors, bringing full bloom into a creamy chocolate delight.

In fact, you might think you’re drinking a decadent chocolate milkshake, but you’re actually drinking a healthy on-the-go shake that’s ultra low carb and contains no added sugar.

Customers are loving Keto Shake and its unique-yet-nostalgic chocolate taste. One of the flavor testers described it as being “as healthy as a kale avocado salad but tastes like a creamy, decadent milkshake”.

Another said: “Ok, this is THE best tasting shake hands down! Props to the Konscious Keto folks!”

And this VERY excited customer said: “Holy Moly Malene!! I mean seriously, I believe that Jesus himself spoke the recipe for the Konscious Keto Shake into existence!! Made the shake last night for dinner and when I tell you, I’m still not hungry, I mean it.”

The best feature of Keto Shake is that it was designed, developed and proudly made in the USA.

And to be fair, the price of Keto Shake is a little bit more expensive than most meal replacement shakes because of the premium ingredients used.

The Konscious team said they don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

“Look, I believe our customers are very knowledgeable. They’re concerned with what they put in their body and they won’t settle for a shake that contains nasty chemicals and fillers.

They want to pay more for quality. And why wouldn’t you? Our body is our temple.

We want to feed it with a clean fuel source that’s going to energize us, keep us looking and feeling younger and help us to live long. We worked very hard to not only create a shake that’s healthy and energizes you — but a shake you look forward to drinking each day. This is a shake that you can even give to your kids and not feel guilty about — and they’ll enjoy it because it’s sweet and delicious.”

“It’s unfortunate that the food industry is full of products marketed as healthy, but are loaded with hidden stuff that’s terrible for our body. We’ve been tricked! I’m shocked when I read some of the labels of these so-called ‘health brands.’ I proudly stand by Keto Shake as the market leader in innovation, taste and customer satisfaction.”

Looking ahead, Goodwin said she wants to grow the Konscious community and keep up with the demand of Keto Shake.

“When we think about next year, just being in stock — not expanding the product mix — but just being in stock will be huge for us,” she said.

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