Hey there, if you’re like me, you’ve tried goal setting in the past and felt let down or frustrated by the process.

I was good at setting big goals with unrealistic timelines, then getting frustrated about only getting partially there.

That’s all going to change today. After you read this post, you’re going to take 10 minutes to do something that’ll skyrocket the likelihood you’ll reach your goals.

Here’s a better system.

Set small goals in 6 month increments.

We can visualize life 6 months from now. It’s far enough away to get some tangible things done, and it’s close enough to feel like those things are within reach.

Plenty of smaller goals can be reached within 6 months. Individual steps toward larger goals that won’t be fully accomplished within six months are also goals.

Do you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish in the next 6 months?

If not, take a few minutes to identify one or two goals in each main area of your life.

Relationships, Health and Wellbeing, Finances, Career, Spirituality, and Fun.

List a few goals that can be accomplished within 6 months, and list individual steps or measurable incremental goals that lead to larger, more distant goals.

Now you’re going to write a short letter to yourself.

This letter becomes a magnetic force pulling you toward your goals.

It’s short and simple, but powerful at the same time.

Your letter is written from the viewpoint of 6 months from now. You reached your goals, and you’re writing a letter to you today.

In other words, the you that’s 6 months in the future is going to write a letter to the current day you.

It’s the “you” who’s been putting to action all the individual steps that got you to your goals. Those individual steps got you to your goals. It’s the “you” who reached the goals and is looking back.

So, the “you” of 6 months from now is going to write a letter to you today.

Here’s mine as an example:

Hey you!

Oh my gosh, you rocked the last 6 months! I always believed in you. I always knew you could create whatever you wanted. And you did it!

Thank you, Christine, for all your hard work because today I feel healthier than ever, fitter than ever, stronger than ever, and happier than ever.

My energy is amazing. I’m getting so much done. My thought is clear. My decisions come easy. I’m in the zone!

Thousands of people are getting the help they need with your articles and courses. Your book is closer to completion. Just the right people showed up at the perfect time to grow this healing practice.

Life is good. I feel good. I’m happy. I’m healthy.

Keep doing what you’re doing. I believe in you! I love you!

I humbly say thank you!


Make your letter heartfelt and emotional.

Most importantly, write the letter as if you completed your goal because of all the action steps you took.

Suspend your disbelief. You’re “telling the truth in advance.”

It doesn’t matter if you have doubts today about having success, write this letter as if you rocked it.

You’re subconscious mind will take it as the truth.

Now, keep your letter in a prominent place, and read it every day.

Read it every day, as many times as you like. Start your day with it to keep you focused and on track.

More than reading the words, the key is to really feel how good you feel because you met your goals. There’s no judging, just love and appreciation.

Acknowledge your hard work. Say thank you to yourself. Be excited.

Be the supportive and unconditionally loving voice you always longed to hear from somebody, anybody!

You be that person for you.

Every three months update your goals and your letter, but you’re still creating 6 month goals.

That creates momentum for continued forward motion.

You don’t want to aim for first base then slow down and stop at it. You run through first base. On your way to first base, you’re starting to think about making it to second base. And so on.

Finally, be sure to acknowledge your progress. Reward yourself once in a while.

There’s no need for goal setting to lead to frustration or discouragement. This is a method that gives you a great path to completion.

I’d love to hear what goals and plans you have, so please share them with us below.

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