As I write to you, it is hard to believe that we are already in the month of June. Some people have officially declared 2020 canceled. If you have been following the news, they are now suggesting that many parts of the country opened too soon and that we are seeing a huge spike in new cases. We have all been in quarantine for a while now and people are ready to get back to living life. I believe it is safe to say that COVID-19 has drastically changed the world and impacted how we live our lives. As an entrepreneur and someone that sits on boards, I know we are officially coming to the end of the second quarter of 2020. We are heading into the final weeks and summer has officially started. Our lives has been interrupted and things will never quite be the same. However, I believe that you can still be productive, define your priorities and make progress on your goals. It is my hope that the insights that I am about to share will help you maintain your focus in the midst of uncertain times.

  • You have to make the decision to choose peace. While the world around you may be in chaos, you have to make the daily decision to choose peace. I am not saying that this will be an easy choice to make. However, I am saying that this is an essential choice to make for your mental, spiritual and emotional health. First of all, you need to turn off constantly negative news. It is not healthy to become consumed with the current news cycle. I believe it is important to stay informed and know what is going on. At the same time, you cannot sit in front of the television for hours inundating yourself with negative news. If you are not careful, you will find yourself anxious and paralyzed with fear. You will become so afraid that you will begin to contemplate never living your house again. Your peace is very important and it is something that you must defend at all costs. Of course, I do understand that you may not be able to control all the events that are happening around you. However, you can control what is happening in you. I choose to be at peace. I choose not to worry. I choose to not be ruled or governed by fear. I choose to be hopeful and to expect the best. Whatever you concentrate on determines the contraction or expansion of your life.
  • It is important that you remain productive. While many people are saying that 2020 is canceled, I am saying that 2020 is an incredible opportunity to create and innovate. You may not be able to go into the office every day. However, you still have the opportunity to work from home, brainstorm ideas, create solutions, and innovate in your industry. Some people are choosing to binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix. Personally, I am taking online courses, writing my new book, training, and developing leaders around the world and pioneering new ideas and concepts for this new economy. The reality is that you have been gifted with an abundance of time. I have heard people say for years that they do not have time to accomplish their goals. Now I realize that their goals were never a priority. When this crisis gifted us all an abundance of time, we saw people choose to make excuses instead of executing on their goals. I know it is not easy with the entire family being at home. I understand that you have duties and demands. At the same time, I also know that you still have time to get some things done. The reality is that mediocrity or mastery is a decision that we must make every single day of our lives. Mediocrity does not create a memorable life. Mastery will cause you to become unforgettable.
  • Define what your priorities are. As I stated before, this crisis revealed that time was never an issue for most people. The real issue is that we do not pursue our goals because they are not a priority in our lives. Years ago, I discovered that we all choose our priorities. Our priorities define our prosperity and progress. So many people make so many different excuses for why they are not making progress in life. However, all we have to do is examine their priorities and it will tell us everything that we need to know. I want you to understand that you do not succeed because of good intentions and hopeful expectations. You succeed by focusing on your most important priorities ever single day. The challenge is that most people do not have the ability to discern between the immediate and the urgent. In other words, most people cannot decide between instant gratification and intentional growth. As a highly respected thought leader, I am recognized around the world for my thoughts and strategies. I earned this reputation by intentionally choosing growth and development every single day of my life. You will not be highly esteemed for choosing an easy life On the other hand, you will be highly esteemed when you dare to pursue a life of excellence.
  • Understand that all progress is shaped by focus. I believe that the principles I just shared with you are very important. However, I also know that the law that I am about to share with you is essential to your success. I want you to understand that focus is the foundation of all success and prosperity. What you focus on will fuel your future or cause you to forfeit your future. Your concentration shapes every cycle and season of your life. If you do not like what you are creating, then I encourage you to change what you are concentrating on. Your life is a prophetic fulfillment of what you have chosen to focus on. I have discovered that what you focus on grows in your life. More importantly, it is impossible to have progress in your life without focus. The greatest enemy to your destiny is distractions. Distractions always show up in your life to divide your focus. Whatever you allow to divide your focus you give the authority to distance you from your future. Your tomorrow is defined by the targets you set for yourself today. Your future is shaped by what you choose to give your focus to today. The greatest barrier to your future is broken focus. The greatest building block to your future is uncommon focus. Focus is the ability to remain steadfast, resolute, and centered on your desired goal or outcome. Focus is the ability to stay the course and not be sideswiped by the currents of change.


  • Jamelle Sanders

    CEO, Jamelle Sanders International

    Jamelle Sanders is an author, leading empowerment specialist and the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International based in Gastonia, NC. Jamelle is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and leaders around the world to profit wildly in their businesses and live up to their true potential. He’s often called the soul coach because he helps you master your inner life, discover your authentic self and empowers you to position your life for total prosperity. Jamelle is committed to helping entrepreneurs and leaders succeed by sharing the secrets and systems that have contributed to his success. This commitment encompasses books, live events and training systems and programs. Jamelle hosts the Kingdom Shakers Conference for leaders that want to be stretched, challenged and catapulted into new realms of success. Jamelle has successfully empowered leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to succeed in business and in life.