For generations, great philosophers and poets have inspired us to contemplate the fundamental questions of life through their words of wisdom. IN-Q (short for In Question) is a modern day philosopher who uses his unique gift with the spoken word to inspire you to go within and find your own answers to life’s most important questions. IN-Q shares his breadth of insight with all of us, especially around embracing the power of love.

“So many things happen to us that we register and forget about, even if it inspires or moves us, because there is so much stimulus in our lives. Writing is a breather and allows me to reconnect with things that have meaning” shared IN-Q.

Fortunately for us, what started out as an outlet for a thirteen-year-old boy has turned into millions being inspired by his words through his twenty-five year relationship with poetry.

For IN-Q, poetry allows him to express himself without any boundaries. As he continues to grow and evolve, so does his art. “Every relationship is an energetic mirror to where we are” said IN-Q. His poetry is the longest relationship he has had and it reflects his life’s journey in the most beautiful way. What used to be a channel for negative thoughts and feelings has evolved into words of revelation the more love he has found for himself.

IN-Q’s heart touching performance of Love is the Only Reason We’re Alive shows you what love truly is – the love where you chose to stay by someone’s side, no matter what. The piece was inspired by a beautiful friendship he built with Delores, a spry young woman in her eighties. The deep friendship is a demonstration of love.

“So often our culture shies away from elderly people because of their own fear of mortality” shared IN-Q. His curiosity trumped any fear he may have harbored, and he created a morning ritual with Delores where they discussed love, life, and the pursuit of happiness over coffee.

During the friendship, IN-Q saw Delores fall in love with someone in the nursing home. In her eighties, she was happier than IN-Q had ever seen her, showing him the importance of love in our lives. And revealing to him that love can happen at any time.

What is love for you? Are you still looking for love in your life?

IN-Q’s advice is to be the person you want to attract into your life. Make a list of everything you are looking for. Then go through the list. Make sure you are everything on that list for yourself first.

He also encourages you to stop looking for the partner of our dreams. Instead, focus on becoming a better version of yourself, and by doing this, changing your own frequency — and thus your reality.

Just as IN-Q has a long-standing love of poetry, perhaps love comes to you in a form you may not be recognizing. Perhaps love is in your passion for singing with all your heart, dancing under the full moon, or being in the stillness of nature. Look at your life with a new lens and you may just see more love in it than you have ever imagined.

We are all here for love. We are all worthy of love. Love comes in many forms. Whether it is like the deep soul connection between IN-Q and Delores, a romantic love, or one of your passions in life; take it from one of the best philosophers of our time – start with loving yourself first. And remember, when you do that, other love will find you. It could even happen in your eighties – but then again, why wait?