How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days is the motivational guide to moving forward in life. 

The motivational book-cum-guide helps readers discover the joy of positive thinking, to gain the courage to overcome obstacles in life, to rid their mind of negative memories, and bring in new, more positive thought processes. This book is a true guide to creating that positive change one needs to succeed in life in just 21 days!

How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days is the creation of self-published author Sara Khan, a native of Lucknow in India, who works as a content and social media strategist. She enjoys writing and sharing her observations on the various aspects of life she had been through or the people around her have come across. Her writings are more focused towards the betterment of women.

Sara Khan firmly believes in the saying the change begins from within. She shares, “it’s your efforts that counts. You are the only one who can help himself or herself. At the end, it’s only YOU who matters.”

In her self-help book How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days, Sara shares how it is necessary to form a habit to bring positive change within and being the best version of oneself. She emphasises that it takes just 21 days in forming a habit, but this one habit, on whatever a dreamer focuses, helps to develop his or her personality. She herself had posed the challenge of 21 days in becoming the positive and stronger person she had always wanted to be. In order to achieve this aim, she named her mission #WUNITT i.e., Wake Up, Now Is the Time. The objective of the book is to encourage naïve dreamers who had always wanted to achieve a goal but due to external obstacles or internal fears they had resisted in stepping towards their dream.

Since Sara Khan herself took the challenge of 21 days in creating positive change within herself, she has penned down the experiences from past and present on how she encouraged herself daily reminding herself of her dreams. As she says, “one step at a time for an athletic mind.”

The 130-page self-help book is written in conversational style. Sara has mentioned 21 short and easy activities for each day. Every chapter begins with a motivational quote to get the readers going. The readers will feel that they are talking directly to their life mentor. The book steers readers on developing time management skills, staying organised in their day-to-day life, and living a meaningful life. She calls her book a blueprint for the ones who really seek to meet their goals and just need “that one push.” The subtitle reads Be Brave, Put Yourself First.

How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days is Sara Khan’s second How-To guide book. The dreamers can purchase the book online from Amazon; it will soon be available at Barnes and Noble and other prominent online bookstores. For additional information or inquiries about How To Create Positive Change in 21 Days, contact author Sara Khan through her Facebook Page or her blog.

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This article was originally published on Sara Khan’s blog.