It is frustrating.

I could beat my head against the wall.

Actually I am beating my head against my desk.

The words don’t flow. Not a single word did I write yesterday.

And the day before.

And the day before.

My writing routine is broken. A typicall writer’s block. In Germany we say Schreibblockade.

How can I get back?

How can call my muse? How can I get back to my creative writing routine?

Is there a magic button?

There is – and I found it.

There is one simple and even odd trick to beat every writer’s block. Actually this trick is so simple that most writers don’t think about it.

The trick goes like this:
Lie to yourself.

Yes, you heard me right. Lie to yourself.

Say to your inner self: “I will only write one sentence. Just one. Not more.”

So your inner writer relaxes. Only one sentence? That’s easy. Everbody can do it.

So you write only one sentence – and you are hooked.

Then you write one more. And more. And in 15 Minutes you have a full page.

Why does this trick work?

Because often we have a writer’s block because we see the big book in front of us. A mountain that’s too high to climb. An elefant we need to eat.

But if we cut this elefant into small chunks it is easy. Everybody can do it.

And in this case we relax.

That is the key: Fun and relaxation. Tension and fear are the killers of your writing.

So: Relax. Have fun.

And lie to yourself: “I will only write one sentence.”