If you’re like a lot of people I know, including myself, you struggle with concentration.

You’ve probably got at least 10 tabs open on your laptop, your iPhone by your side with the notifications on, another device within arms reach and working on a few things at the same time.

You think you’re being super productive right?

But you aren’t.

You get to the end of your day and think, what did I achieve?

Try using the 50:10 minute work rule.

Just start with a 2 hour block and do this:

  • Pick 1 item on your to do list that will bring you closer to your business goal (e.g. write a blog post, write an email autoresponder sequence etc)
  • Set your alarm for 50 minutes and just do that ONE THING (don’t look at your phone, close down all your other computer tabs and notifications)
  • After your alarm goes off, hit play on a guided meditation and listen to it for 10 minutes. If 10 minutes feels like forever, try just 5 minutes of this simple breath technique
  • Then repeat this 50:10 minute rule for the next hour and notice how focused and energized you feel as well as how productive you were!

What next?

Go and schedule the 50:10 minute rule for another 2 hour block tomorrow and start making it a habit to work in this way. Use this simple breath technique for whenever you take the ‘break’ if you don’t already have a meditation app on your phone.

Originally published at medium.com


  • Nikki Veliz Merzliakov

    Spiritual Business Mentor & Healer

    Nikki Veliz is a spirit led business mentor & healer. She loves to work with female healers to help them create & grow their businesses online, so that they can share their magic & medicine more widely. She also home educates her 2 young kids in the Australian bush.