People may think that you got lucky, but what actually happens is that you keep trying until you make it.  When people hear the success stories of entrepreneurs, all they can see is how glamorous it is and  often attribute their success to reasons like timing, funding, background and so on. While those things may have contributed, there is only one thing that can take entrepreneurs far enough to see success and that is – Perseverance.

So many people, may be 1000s of us, are presented with the same opportunities as others but why do only a few become successful. Well, because those are the few people who chose not to give up when they face their first failure or second failure or the third failure. In the situation where toughest of the lot will doubt themselves, these are the entrepreneurs who tenaciously stick to their plan and vision. Simply put, they refuse to give up, almost to the extent that “normal” people may think they are crazy and are going to lose everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that you keep doing something wrong till it gets completely busted. As an entrepreneur, you have to change your business plan and tweak your business model every day, literally. We are talking about the bigger picture here where you refuse to give up your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. You just need keep making efforts for long enough and one day you’ll have it in you to make it big.

Perseverance is  a quality so valuable that I would call it the king of all qualities.  It can help you master the skills, fight your fears, build self confidence and what not, but all it asks for in return is that you have to keep trying till your dreams become a reality. And being the king of all virtues, it often alludes us so here are a few tips that can help you imbibe it and make it a part of your personality.

#1 Stop chasing “there”

If you are in a hurry to be successful so that finally you can reach “there” – a place which exists in future only when you become successful, then stop right away. The more you think about that imaginary place the more desperate you become and the more likely you are to give up. You need to enjoy the journey because that’s the only way to ensure that you won’t give up when you face tough times.

#2 Follow the 80/20 rule

I cannot agree more with Tony Robins when he says that success is 80% psychology, 20% skills. Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can be tough and the answer to coping with challenges does not lie in skills, but it lies in your mindset.  You have to develop some serious mental strength if you want to be around for 20-30 years and stand out as an entrepreneur.

#3 Learn, learn, learn

Learn to learn! If you can master this then you have mastered the art of living. When you can turn every experience into a learning experience, failures don’t seem very harsh. In fact, you are able to handle failures and wins with the same attitude. I think when you reach that level, the journey becomes so beautiful that perseverance doesn’t seem like a lot of work.

#4 Have a mentor in your life

This one is a must for every entrepreneur. Everyone needs a mentor in their life and if you don’t believe me than hear it from the richest man in the world himself, Mr. Bill Gates in his ted talk about it. Entrepreneurship is not something that you pursue in isolation. You will need all the guidance and support that you can get to keep you going through the times when you are at the verge of giving up.

Pursuing dreams, especially entrepreneurial ones, is not easy and definitely not quick. There is only this little trick called perseverance which differentiates the ones who make it from the ones who don’t.