Allison Davis creating Revealed at the Edge

I have always been driven to content that moves me. As a writer and creator myself, there is something that stirs within my soul when I see passionate people put their hearts into the world, or when something meaningful is made from challenging circumstances.

As a coach, I’ve been blessed to see this over and over again with my clients. Everyday people who decide to pursue what they’ve been called to do. Dreams slowly, but undoubtedly, becoming realities.

I had the privilege of meeting a person who did exactly this in the heart of the global pandemic.

A Texas native, now San Diego local—a neighbor, ironically, that I met in the heart of isolation—took the time COVID-19 had given her and decided to pivot from an award-winning wedding photography business to creating a fine art photography book.

In thirty days, Allison Davis traveled up and down the American West Coast, capturing every detail—from the devastation of the California wildfires to the jagged Washington coastline—for her debut collection, Revealed at the Edge.

She left with a car, a camera, and a prayer that God would guide her to make the most of the time she had been given.

And I see a reflection of myself in her fearlessness.

In Revealed at the Edge, every image and every accompanying journal entry speaks to the heart of what it means to be human. There is a universal resilience in how, despite all odds, we persist. And this is reminiscent of the coastline itself—the constant crashing of waves, the jagged and uneven edges creating character.

Reminding us that despite our perceived brokenness or imperfection, this is actually what makes us beautiful.

I had the privilege of flipping through Davis’ book, of seeing her passion manifest into something tangible, something that connects us. There is something to be said for stepping out into the unknown, for pursuing a dream, for believing in something greater than what you’ve always done—perhaps even greater than yourself.

As she reflects on her journey and the creation of Revealed at the Edge (which is available for purchase here!), Davis shares that there is beauty being revealed to us, even in the smallest of moments and most unexpected of places.

“I see this jaggedness, and it’s still really beautiful,” she says, “My hope is that people connect with the landscapes, that they connect with words in [the book] and maybe that’s how they identify where they are in their life, and their journey, and their heart.”

To learn more about Allison’s book and purchase it for yourself (or a loved one!) click here.