I can’t exactly remember when I started incorporating positive self-talk and mantras into my life, but I do remember one of my firsts. My job after graduate school was stressful. After speaking with a colleague about the daily stresses of the job, we decided to say “in this moment, everything is as it should be”. I wrote it on a post-it note, stuck it on my computer monitor and voila — it was in front of me every day. I can tell you I didn’t use it every day, but it was there waiting for me, and when I used it, I smiled and was grateful.

This mantra has been with me for almost 15 years now. I’ve used it walking on the most beautiful beaches as well as struggling to climb my bike up the steepest of mountains. I’ve also added several more— I’ve caught myself muttering “Come on LaPorte, you got this!” when I’m trying to sprint around the track. Sometimes I catch myself thinking or saying something is good or bad. I remind myself to dial it back and say “it is what it is” — and I believe it. I’ve recently started using a new mantra, ending any potential negative thinking with “the GOOD NEWS is”, so I end my thought on good news (this one was stolen from a friend, thank you!). Positive self talk has helped me turn my thoughts around and made me stronger and more mindful of what is happening in the moment.

What are your mantras?

Originally published at medium.com