David Carmichael II in white capture the world clothing

Capture The World Inc. was originally started by David L. Carmichael Sr. in 1995. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was incarcerated in his early twenties. In 1995 while still incarcerated, he asked God to give him seven different ideas for his brand. The number seven in the Bible represents something being complete. With his seven ideas, “Capture The World” was chosen as the name of the brand. David Carmichael Sr. officially started the brand when he was released in 2003. In 2016, David L. Carmichael Sr. gave the business to his son David L. Carmichael II. His son reestablished the brand as Capture The World Apparel LLC. Capture the World’s headquarters is in Hampton, VA. David Carmichael Sr is still involved with the brand to this day and his son plans to take the brand to new heights.

Rapper Jason Chu Capture the world Jesus Peace Hoodie
Rapper Jason Chu in CTW “Jesus Peace” Hoodie

The number seven represents a lot to Capture The World, a black-owned streetwear brand from Hampton, VA. David Carmichael II, owner of Capture The World explains what the number seven means to him. “The number seven has a lot of meanings about life in general, says David Carmichael II. The number seven represents perfection and completeness. God created the world and universe in seven days. There are seven days in the week and the world has seven continents. A lot of people refer to the number seven as being a lucky number.”

“Capture The World represents all the creative Millennials and Generation Z people out there. God is a creative being and we were all made in his image. A creative can be described as an individual that see’s the world differently from everyone else. A creative can be looked at as a leader or a person who influences people with their gifts and talents. We don’t consider ourselves a Christian brand, but God has really influnced the brand into what it is today. Even if you’re not religious, the message of being a creative can relate to anyone from the young generation.”

Model in Capture The World "Bleach Out" Tee
Model (Damon Page) in CTW “Bleach Out” Tee

“As a creative myself, I take pride in the designs I create for my brand. Influnce for my designs comes from many things such as my dreams, God, nature, Hip-Hop culture, influential people throughout history, etc. My dad inspired me at an early age to be a business owner. I used to watch him attend fashion shows in Virginia and he taught me how to screen print t-shirts. He also showed me the process of how to create designs on the computer. All of this experience inspired me to one day take over the brand and incorporate my ideas into it. My first step was to build brand awareness using social media and to build an online presence using e-commerce. Capture The World has come a long way as a clothing brand. The best is yet to come. We hope to bring the best out of anyone who wears our clothing. Our slogan is “The World is Yours. Capture it”. When we say that slogan, we really mean it. You can visit our website at www.capturetheworldapparel.com . “