Plus, how to thrive in business while finding work-life balance.

In 2016, Shaun Francis left his job to transition into a new career. But, it turned out to be something different. This new career was not what he had expected it to be. So with nothing to lose, he decided to go out of his comfort zone and created something of his own.

Shaun then founded Bespoke Lending and was able to create, build and maintain relationships with homeowners seeking mortgage financing. The transition was slow, but it allowed him to see things differently and gave him the confidence and perspective he needed to understand the business. 

He has gone a long way since. Bespoke Lending is now one of British Columbia’s top mortgage brokerages. He is known to be an accomplished management leader with a proven track record of achieving and exceeding sales and team goals consistently in all markets. He is known for being extraordinarily caring throughout the lending process and is renowned for offering the best deals to his clients. He also grew a team from three individuals to a thriving group of 20 brokers who are now producing 10-figures in revenue annually. 

All these while also being happily married and a father to a beautiful son. Work-life balance is an impossible feat nowadays, but Shaun proves otherwise. 

For Shaun, if you learn how to take care of yourself, your business will take care of itself, thus giving you more time for your family. When you’re working too hard barely minding about your health, then you’ll find all that you’ve worked hard for, gone in a snap.

Shaun has been an entrepreneur his entire life, and he knows there’s so much that you need to think about with barely a moment to rest. But how does he go from back-to-back business meetings to being there for his family? He’s healthy, and he treats his body well. 

If you missed it, yes, your health is the key to your success in business.

Shaun shares three things you need to prioritize to get more energy, focus, and a heightened level of discipline which will transform you into a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur just like him: get sleep, exercise and eat healthily.

Get sleep

As an entrepreneur, there are decisions that need to be made left and right. Everything starts and stops with us. Sleep is important if you want to lead your business effectively. You need a clear head in order to negotiate big-money deals, effectively communicate with your team and inspire others through the focus you give to your company and clients. You owe it to yourself, your clients and your team to stay well-rested and alert.


Working out teaches you a lot of things. One important thing is it teaches you how to face adversity head-on. When you do, it develops emotional resilience, and when you’re faced with setbacks, you’ll react with reasons rather than emotions.

Eat healthily

It is a given that eating right has its benefits: You live longer, you have more energy, and you think more clearly. 

Simply put, if you want to succeed in your business, make your health a priority.