What got you interested in cybersecurity/ ethical hacking?

During my teen years, I spent most of my time with the computer. I tried learning about how a computer and internet works. I was fascinated with the ideology of networking. I also spent time watching online videos on programming languages. But after seeing a seminar on ethical hacking in Vadodara in 2009, I decided to push myself to learn hacking full time. I thought this will help me get some recognition.

What was your experience with the education system in our country? 

The education system in our country needs to change a lot to accommodate different talents. It’s very rigid. There needs to be more inculcation of technology in our schools. While there is an influx of edtech firms in India, basic education standards need to improve a lot.

Do you think it’s right to define students on the basis of the current education system?

Absolutely not. Take me for example – I dropped out and today I am a million dollar founder.

What has your journey been like?

It’s been tough. Managing and making people trust in you because on one hand you are so young and on the other hand, You have close deals. It’s not that easy. But it been an enriching journey. I have learned a lot over the years about security and people. It’s not the end though.

Did your family accept this alternate career path? Do they now?

Well, initially they did not. But once I started getting orders for my venture and they saw I had the potential to set up a new office, They were proud and also angry that I had not told them about quitting school. But today they are very happy.

What gave you the idea to start your own venture?

My love for security and urgent to build something of my own.

Name some of the companies and organizations you have helped out, and how you did so.

We have helped many companies both in the public and private sector. We have helped police folks in Gujarat and Rajasthan, CID, CBI, Bank of Baroda, ICICI, ABB, Adani, ITC, Novartis, HUL, ONGC, pepsico, TATA, reliance, sun pharma, snapdeal, oyo rooms, swiggy, Vadodara & Ahmedabad municipal Corporation in cases of fraud, social media issues, digital forensics and many more. We have also helped Twitter, Facebook and even Microsoft through bug bounty hunting programs.

What’s the next goal?

To expand in newer geographies and contribute towards India’s cybersecurity mission.