We, as humans always attach meanings to other people, to situations, to life and to circumstances that happen to us or around us.

We have emotions which makes sense that people assign value and importance to everything.
It makes us feel like we are living, which is good.

Now, I won’t contradict this but what if… let’s say for 24-hours we do not attach ourselves to anything. That every aspects of our lives; our relationship to our partner, our career, studies, and other roles.. they are just stages, plays that we are performing.
And, the real big thing that matters is us.
Our inner peace, our mind, our self love and happiness.

So, let’s say one of your mean co-workers gossiped about your clothes to others. What most of the people would do, is either get back to that person with anger or stay quiet and be super sad inside. Either way, it is affecting that person.

But, if you were not attaching more value to outside surroundings, rather than yourself, anything that people say about you would be just like a mosquito flying near your ear.

This is called Unfuckwithable


It is very hard to get to that level and most people don’t actually get to that level..
To feel so strong within yourself, to believe, to have a positive aura around you that no matter what “bad” happens, you can take it. Because, you know that everything is just a phase or a play. You know that there are no such thing as bad; bad things never happen. What happens are lessons to make you grow, make you learn and be to the next level. Everything that happens to you is trying to tell you something and it is up to you to figure out what the universe is trying to say and act upon it.

For like a year or more, I’ve been saying and believing that I am in a relationship with my career. What I didn’t realize was how wrong it was.
See, the fact that I kept saying that my career is my everything now – it is who I am made my mind believed this. My mind started associated itself with my career.
So, each time something went wrong with my career goals which decreased my confidence, it went right to my self confidence.

Now, for you it may be your relationship with your partner which triggers something inside you. If your partner says that you don’t look great, you actually start believing that because you associated yourself with this.

But this isn’t who we are.

We are much more than this. Career, relationships etc, they are what we are living. They do not define who we are. This is complicated to explain.. to separate yourself from the outside to your inside.

But, seriously if you can do that and find that inner peace, that nothing can disrupt, you’ll be unfuckwithable. People who have this, they never have mood swings. Their vibes are different, full of happiness and positivity. As humans, they will indeed will pain or sadness if something goes wrong but not for long because they already know that this won’t help and that power always lies within them.
They can control how to react to a bad news.
They can decide whether they want to be sad because one of their colleagues gossiped about them or just send that mean colleague love because clearly she has insecurities and we hope that she knows her worth one day.

This is amazing.
Stop living and acting like everyone else.
If you are not happy inside, or if your smiles depend on someone else, then what are you really doing in this world?

You say that you are independent because you pay your own bills? or you do everything on your own? Sure – that’s what they say in the dictionary. But, if you always have to go out with friends because you can never stay at home or depend on someone to go do that amazing thing you’ve always wanted to do or that loneliness triggers sadness inside you, then you are not really independent as you think you are.
If you cannot say at home or anywhere alone and be in peace with yourself – filled with happiness and gratitude about where you are right now, then you are still dependant.
You are dependant on someone, on a situation, on money, on your work or anything.

Why be like everyone else when you can be your own kind?
Why follow when you can lead a new path?

Originally published at theelysiangeek.com