My name is Lindsey and I am extremely passionate and focused on bringing women into their most powerful, confident self. Right now, that gateway begins with their external body.

My belief is that if you can teach someone how to gain control of their own body/habits, that they can then have the “space” to work on themselves internally.

I  started my business while still in college studying civil engineering and began by just “helping” people. I was pushed by my now, fiance, to start this as a business though I had no freaking clue how exactly to do that. My plan was just to keep enriching the lives of my girls and build a community that helped them feel loved and supported.
In my first “full time” year after graduating (I still was determined to finish!), I had my first 6-figure year at 23 (I’m 24 now).

I now have several different projects, including a high-level service where my fiance and I act as personal health assistants to clients and live with them for an intensive month focused on training and healthy eating.

I still coach all women seeking a lifestyle shift and confidence, and am now working on my first go at hosting a retreat focused on WELLNESS and tapping into one’s intuition in all areas – cooking, creativity, connection to self, fitness, etc.

I figured it was only fair to introduce myself and give my story before diving into the topics I love sharing on: self-love, self-care, getting into a flow state, passion behind your life’s work, discovering what you’re born for, the ebb and flow of life, and ALWAYS chasing what pulls your heart. Stay tuned! I cannot wait to share more.

So for now, to all my girls in college, in your first job, or truly at any point in your life where you feel unfulfilled… Trust me when I say, that is NOT what you’re “meant” to have. In the words of Angela Manuel-Davis, “You came into this world on purpose, for a purpose.”