Generational gaps, cultural differences, and memory loss sometimes disable us from communicating compassionately with others. Language can be a secondary, less than beneficial way of getting our message across. Words can be misconstrued; people can become confused, non-communicative or defensive.

Firstly, music, as we understand it, is a universal communicator and in our digitized world; every genre is at our fingertips. Consider a song, a symphony, a composer, a refrain as an ice breaker, or an introduction. Essentially, it’s a gift to those you encounter. Music is a powerful connector. It brings us back to our memories of people and places. Sometimes a familiar song brings us home to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Touch is second, but not necessarily in importance. What is needed in the moment is actually what is significant and meaningful for each person. That’s where your intuition kicks in. Observe the person’s body language, facial expression, and mood. What are they really saying to you? How can you communicate with them effectively, compassionately?

Let’s not underestimate the power of someone’s hand on your shoulder, a lingering kiss on your forehead, a warm hand caressing yours. These acts of kindness become a human need fulfilled, a wish granted and warmly welcomed. Reaching out and touching someone compassionately speaks volumes. You will inevitably feel good too. It’s a scientific fact.

Mindfulness is a connector. Your presence in the presence of another is profound. So, what does mindfulness look like? What does it feel like? How does it improve connection?

The eyes, as we have heard, are the windows to the soul. If the soul is our essence, let’s look into each others eyes longer… and with longing. That’s how we can meet each other most intimately.

I speak from experience. The experience of looking into the eyes of thousands people with memory loss over the last thirty years. They notice on a deep level that I see them. They have a real knowing that they are seen or not seen. This seeing gives people undeniable comfort. Indeed, it gives us comfort and validation when we are seen. Don’t you agree?

Music, touch and mindfulness are the three amazing ways to connect when connection fails. You richly possess all of these gifts right now in this moment and the next; all within the melody of the music, the palm of your hand and the windows of your soul.