Yesterday, mothers around the country were rightfully treated to breakfasts in bed, flowers, and hand made and hallmark cards alike. All expressing a well-deserved sentiment – you are appreciated.

In case you’re still feeling that you’d like to do something special for mom. Consider the following three stories and the gifts they inspire.

One. In last week’s episode of the HBO series, Being Serena, we were given a front row seat to the birth of Serena’s William’s first child, Olympia. Complications necessitated a c-section. Once delivered – like most babies, she cried and clamored for the warmth of her mother’s skin. Upon being laid on Serena’s chest, calmness prevailed upon the first embrace of mother and child.

Two. Earlier in the week, I was walking our dog through the woods when we stumbled upon a bird on the ground. At first I assumed the bird had an injured wing. Why else would it not fly away when a curious dog approached? Upon closer inspection, I spotted a single egg adjacent to the bird. A mother’s instinct to protect in full force.

Three. Last week, one of our Parson’s students presented her final project, which was an exploration to better understand the roles our mother’s play in our lives. One question in this interview series where adult children were asked about their mothers stood out — “When was the first time you realized your mom was human?”

What do these three stories have to do with mother’s day gifts?

The first is a reminder of the importance of intimacy and physical touch with our moms. Each time I see my mom there is the perfunctory hug and kiss. But it made me wonder, when was the last time, I gave my mom a real and meaningful hug. The kind where you can feel each other’s heart – literally and figuratively.

The second compels us to remember all the times and ways, our moms protected us, kept us safe from harm and allowed us to grow into where we are today. Again it made me wonder, the last time I had fully expressed this gratitude.

And the third story asks us to see our mom’s more fully – to appreciate them as so much more than our mother. When we recognize all of their struggles, dreams, achievements and disappointments, we see them in an even more beautiful light.

Hugs, gratitude, appreciation aren’t new ideas for mother’s day. But the depth that we give them may be.