By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

Being a career coach, I’ve heard a great deal of New Year’s resolutions from my clients over the years. While making some grandiose resolutions might seem like the best way to facilitate a big change in your life, the truth is, if you stick to a few small, attainable goals, you’ll be able to track your success and manifest big changes in your life on a realistic level.

Here are a three career changes and resolutions you can make as the New Year approaches.

  1. Build your skillset. As technology grows exponentially more important in nearly every sector of the job market, so does the necessity to hire people that understand the cutting edge, apps, resources, and platforms. Invest in yourself and keep your skills up-to-date for the modern age. Beyond your technological prowess, building your skill set may include life skills like problem-solving, emotional intelligence and creativity.
  2. Widen your network. It’s one of the most rehashed sayings of all time, but part of being truly successful is who you know. Nobody can achieve their dreams without having some sort of help along the way, so maybe take some time to work on your networking skills and be more communicative in the new year. You can start small at company parties, for example, and just work on meeting a few new faces around the office for a cup of coffee on a quick break. Take initiative! Successful networking has the capacity to change your life, so if you simply commit to meeting more people and making better connections in 2019, it has the potential to make larger dreams like promotions or a career change a reality.
  3. Get inspired more often. Whenever I see a private client in my office telling me they feel unmotivated, I know it just means one thing: they’re not low on motivation—they’re just not connected to a sense of purpose. A lack of inspiration is a quick ticket to feeling burned out and dissatisfied in both your career and personal life. If you can afford a career coach like me, know that they can help you buckle down and really get ahead in the new year. If you can’t afford a coach, however, there are plenty of other ways to get inspired on a daily basis. If you enjoy reading, try to read at least a book a month. If you’re more of an audio or visual person, there are a plethora of resources you can turn to from podcasts to TED Talks.

Don’t let another year slip by and leave you feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything. These three small and attainable goals have the ability to transform multiple areas of your life, so start here and check-in with yourself every morning. Keep rising to the occasion and you’ll be amazed at where you are this time next year!

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