Having a good life in a work and personal life was everyone’s dream. But, not few people who still suffer to get better life to enjoy every single time. Work time has stolen people’s time to relaxes this life, or even most of them feel did not have time to leisure.

Life is not about focused on you did in work, but also how to throughout every single day of your life to find new meaning. According to Christine M. Riordian, provost and professor of management at the University of Kentucky, there are three ways for them whose would like to manage their life in easy.

Strive for work-life effectiveness- not balance

Do not looking for a balance a time, but make sure you have a time effective to spend with or what. We could dedicate time not only for work but also for spend our personal life at once. As researchers, Jeffrey Greenhaus and Gary Powell recommended to align between personal life and work in multiple roles, such as in family member or employee at office. So that, it will have good impact for physical and psychological.

Define success in all catagories of your life

Everybody also have to define of their own success. But, makes sure that you’ve been define success in every part of your life. Do not just to pursue success in your work life, such as manager, supervisor or employee, but you must be have target to success in other path, such as a mother, friends, or even daughter. Set a goals in certain time to measure your successfully role of life. Do not forget, to putting it love and energy to fulfill every role you play on.

Maintain control

Do not let stress to control you, you must be controller of yourself. You can take time to think for what you have or did during this. Is this for what you looking for? Do you want to find another work or activity that make you happy? Or is that what you dreaming of? Many successfully person knows what they want to pursue in life. You also have to know what your priorities it is. Your personal life must be on your top priority too.