turkington medical unlock relationship want need love
turkington medical unlock relationship want need love potential passion purpose
Unlock any relationship in with three simple steps..

There are many reasons why people struggle with relationships. This is a resource on how I applied a simple, three-step formula to unlock my relationships over the last 20 years. I call it the want-need-love formula.

Tap Your Relationship Potential, Ignite Your Interpersonal Passion and Define Your Journey Purpose

These are useful techniques to improve your relationships. The first step should always be maintaining open lines of communication. I found that the “Want-Need-Love” formula is the most effective and the most universal.


Want is the first step of this miraculous formula. It allows you to say exactly what your intention is. It’s the first step in clearing the ground in any scenario. This is the start of the potential growth in a relationship.


The need is step two. This is a personal expression as well as a declaration to another party. It demonstrates vulnerability while also being an assertion. This step helps ignite the passion for particularly important topics relative to this relationship.


Step three is expressing something you love. This doesn’t always mean a romantic interest. It can be a business relationship or just a good friend. You use it as an opportunity to draw closeness with the other party. This final step is the purpose. The entire reason you’re having the discussion is to ensure that the closeness remains a foundation.

My video below offers additional instruction on this simple technique to unlock nearly any relationship. It can be used with romance, parenting, dating, and business relationships. There’s almost no end to how many opportunities this particular formula can be used.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Have you tried this technique in your life? What about other resources? I am always open to learning new ways to improve myself, my clients, and my relationships.

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