Simplicity, adaptability, and sustainability are three characteristics at the very core of any system that has profound, unimagined development potential.

For example, who could possibly have imagined what impact the Binary System would have? Yet it consists merely of a combination of “1’s” and “0’s”, on which all computers and modern technology now works. The applications of course are complex, but the foundation that allows that complexity and development of almost limitless benefits is only made possible by understanding and not dismissing such a simple system.

There is an even more incredible system that directly affects every one of our lives, daily and without question. Its foundation is also extremely simple. Yet it’s in your and my genetic make-up, in our DNA. Scientist describe it in detail but basically it consists of units containing one of four chemicals identified by the letters, C, G, A, or T plus a sugar and a phosphate. That’s all, but oh boy, does it have an impact! It’s application of course is complex and is the focus of some of the world’s greatest scientific minds. The technique that allowed profound acceleration in genetic understanding known as “PCR” was intuitively discovered by Kary Mullis, while going surfing. Yet his research colleagues were initially dismissive of his idea on the basis that if the technique was so simple they would have discovered it themselves! Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Two simple systems, with the application benefits of our genetic code only becoming accessible by a discovery which itself was so simple experts in the field initially chose not to believe it. It’s strange, but only too common for us to see or make things more complicated than they are.

The benefits from understanding both Binary and Genetics are made possible by a natural system of even greater importance – how we think.

We now know that as incredible as it is, our DNA is not fixed or permanent. We can, and unknowingly do, alter our own gene structure by how and what we think. We may not understand that process yet but the fact that we do influence our own genetic make-up and how it works is now immutable. Not only does what we think impact our “DNA” but it directly affects how our major organs function and how we feel physically and psychologically. What’s more, it often does it instantaneously.

Nature really is quite amazing. It includes “Osmosis”, a process in plant and human physiology, in which the condition in one cell automatically affects and changes the condition of the adjacent cell. It applies similarly to how we develop the way we think. In our formative years unbeknown to us we gradually and unconsciously adopt ideas and fears from others around us without any choice in the matter. It happens to everyone, without exception, and occurs entirely outside of our control. It’s a paradox really that nature allows us to adopt ideas that lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, self-doubt and a multitude of other limiting beliefs all of which restrict our wellbeing and success. Here’s the reason:

The paradox lies in the fact development in our early years is just one part of a natural system that occurs in our best interest. It is so simple, it is almost unbelievable just as Kary Mullis’ discovery of PCR was. This is how it works:

  • When presented with a situation you react automatically
  • This always involves emotion of some sort which affects how you feel, and your wellbeing
  • Unless your life is under threat, if the experience is negative then whatever the underlying thought is, it is clearly not working for you.
  • One of the functions of negative emotion is to draw your attention to a limiting thought or belief you have unconsciously developed or inherited, sometime in the past
  • You now have the opportunity, which you did not have during your formative years, to decide whether to accept that thought or to change it.
  • The simplest way to achieve this is to look at alternative, opposite perspectives, and rationalise which ideas have the greatest chance of being more true, or just choose the perspective that makes you feel better.
  • Remember what caused the negative emotion is only a thought and there’s no point having a mind if you can’t change it!

It works this way because without contrast nothing is visible. We need the limitations of past generations and a system that enables us to see them in order to progress and choose what to do and to create next. Try reading this article if the text was white on a white background!

The limiting beliefs from our formative years together with our emotional alarm system is an astonishingly effective and dynamic process that enables us individually to see and experience those things that are not a true reflection of who we are, or what we like. Only in that way do we have the opportunity to decide who we choose to be, what we want to achieve, and to manage our own thinking.

However, as in the case of Kary Mullis and his solution for gene research, are we so blinded by the belief the solution to our wellbeing and success has to be more complicated that we miss the opportunity in front of us?

If you can understand and are willing to test the system in your own way then there’s no need to read on. The trouble is to fully understand and put it into practice it is particularly important to understand the following three key facts:

  1. You never have, or will ever, judge anyone else. It is simply not possible.
  2. You are not responsible for your reactions, and you never will be
  3. When experiencing negative emotion, what you are thinking is not true

All three are counter-intuitive, they don’t seem logical, yet they are. Often for the mind to accept an idea it needs to understand the science and rationale that underpins it. The logic behind these counter-intuitive facts and why they are so important is explained in a book “Happiness and Productivity” – How to achieve incredible success.

What I like about the book is that it is short and includes steps that will help you master this natural system. It also contains a unique feature, “Tables of Random Bookmarks” that makes it more than just a book. The tables can be accessed from a mobile or any device and on each occasion when intuitively selecting an “x” in the tables it opens a different but specific key point of note. What is interesting is the point chosen, apparently at random, seems to be highly relevant to the reader at the time. One of the features of successful change is the need to experiment, to practice and to discover what works and what does not in relation to your personal circumstances. These “Tables of Random Bookmarks” makes that process quick, easy and enjoyable.

This book is just one of the zillions of books on similar subjects and I guess it’s unlikely to be read widely as the author is not a celebrity and does not move in the right social circles. In fact, he’s a bit of a nobody. Individuals with influence, the media, TV and radio programmes; sources that may impact the visibility of the book, perfectly understandably pass the opportunity by. I know because it has been tried. However, personally I cannot recommend the book too highly. It’s a fun read, low cost and functional. But then I would say that would n’t I because ……. I am that “nobody”.

When all is said and done, the only thing that really matters is you – the reader and your ability to learn to be happy because one thing is for certain; what you think and how you behave will have a significant influence not only on your life, but also on the life of your children and your grand-children.

Wishing you the very best,

“Mr Nobody”

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“Happiness and Productivity” – How to achieve incredible success
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