Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

I don’t know about you but I’m usually a glass half full person. I’m Mrs Positivity and Optimism and can sometimes drive the people around me mad.

But I’ve not always been like that. I’ve had to work at it. In reality, that’s something everyone has to do because our brains naturally incline towards being negative.

So in the current situation we’re all experiencing, we need to work even harder at this because there’s so much negativity in our environment and it’s contributing to a ridiculous amount of stress and anxiety which in turn will begin to affect our immune system and wellness if we don’t take action.

We have to work on our mental health and actively do things to support it in order to keep well.

There are just three important things you must do…

Protect your mind from the constant onslaught of negative news

Whether that’s on TV, radio or social media, you must inoculate yourself from it. The constant drip-drip of negativity will add to already high stress and anxiety levels.

You don’t have to avoid the news completely, just limit your exposure to it to once or twice per day, and set a time limit on how long you watch, listen or read for – no more than 10 minutes at a time.

Let yourself off the hook a bit with your weight

And I don’t mean use feeling stressed as an excuse to overeat. I just mean that so many people get obsessed with ‘I must be this size or that weight’, it just adds so much more stress to life.

We don’t need this extra stress right now. Give yourself permission to be human. Stop stressing about your size and how you wish you could be and focus on taking care of the person you are right now.

It may be that getting into clothes three sizes smaller has been your goal for your entire adult life but now is time to focus just on being healthy by trying to eat the right things most of the time, and let yourself off the hook for the end goal.

Add routine and structure to your day

We’re creatures of habit. We like routine. And lack of routine and structure to our day is what’s causing added stress right now. This is a real big one because routine really helps with the feeling of being in control and it reduces stress. This in turn helps your immune system because, as I mentioned before, stress puts an enormous amount of pressure on the immune system which, in turn, means you are more at risk of becoming ill.