Challenges with mental health continue to increase as our brains receive messages of insufficient funds across multiple dimensions. Simply put, the brain’s primary responsibility is to sustain an energy balance that ensures safety and survival. When we think or feel that we do not have enough –whether it be time, energy, social support or other internal and external resources -the brain will shift us into conservation mode, which over time can wear us out or break us down.

We can train our brain to shift our mind into a more optimal state of health and performance through simple “neural nudges”, mantras, or focus phrases we use throughout the day. The more often we practice, the more quickly we can shift from surviving to thriving.

Here are three short scripts that can bring more balance to your brain chemistry, focus to your attention, and peace to your state of mind by reducing the stimulation of anxiety and increasing the nourishment of positivity, gratitude, and curiosity.

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1) I have enough, I am enough.

As you breathe in say the words “I have enough”. With this breath, with the new oxygen you bring into your body and brain, you have what you need in this moment. Simply be. And as you breathe out, remind yourself that you are enough, just as you are. You don’t need to do more or be more in this moment. Just rest in knowing you are enough, right here and now. Relax.

2) Let go, let in.

As you breathe out say the words “let go”, as you release any tension or worries you might feel in the moment. As you breathe in, say the words “let in”, allowing yourself to appreciate this moment of stillness. Breathe in comfort, peace, and safety. If you want, you can also start to consider the positive things that have happened so far today and really soak in the simple blessings of what’s good in life.

3) Life is a journey/adventure/trip.

Depending on how you want to feel in this moment, allow yourself to nudge your brain in the direction of flexibility, creativity, and curiosity. Remind yourself that life is about what happens along the way, not the destination. By opening up your perspective to the possibilities that exist, you shift to a less perfectionistic state of mind. As you breathe in, say to yourself “Life is…” and as you breathe out, use the word that resonates most with the energy you’d like to feel. If you feel extra challenged and need a greater shift, use some humor to add playful expansion to your perspective. Life is…a trip, after all.

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