The summer season is full of amazing opportunities to create long last memories with family and friends. Many times we opt out of family gatherings as a form of self-care, by deciding instead to create our own cocoon and environment where we feel safe.

According to research, Psychologists believe that the ability to care for others is suppressed by such negative emotions as anger, hatred, shame, and envy. Below are three important reasons to attend your next family gathering.

Good Food

The temptation to not attend a family gathering is often outweighed by the fact that there will be delicious food involved. Companies like Z Grills, a California based company that specializes in products designed to make your food cooked to perfection, knows the importance of such gatherings. It was founded by grilling veterans after decades in the manufacturing business for top grill makers. Since it was introduced to consumers in 2017 initially through an Indiegogo campaign that raised close to half a million dollars from more than 1,400 backers, the company has delivered several quality wood pellet grills, providing consumers with wood fire flavor while being more convenient than propane or gas grills. The opportunity to partake in grilled, smoked, baked, roasted and char-grill or BBQ food, while requiring minimal oversight by the user.


There is nothing like facing your fears head on and deciding to be in an environment that stretches you. Most families are made up of a host of diverse personalities and characters. Even the most well-orchestrated events will include some sort of challenges that can leave participants feeling emotionally drained. This is a huge part of coping, healing, and growing from our own past experiences. Without this emotional stretching, you can often deprive yourself of the opportunity to grow. In addition, there are many positive characters and personalities at such gatherings that can give you a sense of peace and renew your spirit by receiving a hug.

Your Children

Many things that we do are not about us, but instead about our children. Even attending an extended family gathering for under an hour is a good idea because of your children. According to a Harvard Psychologist there are a number of things that parents can do in order to raise good children. One of those things includes teaching children how to deal with their negative emotions. If attending a family gathering evokes negative emotions, perhaps it is important to learn new strategies to suppress such emotions. 


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