The Psychology of Busy

I used to hate being busy.

Being busy made me feel like I wasn’t in control. You know what i’m talking about. When I was busy I struggled to get things done. Deadlines freaked me out, emails from clients triggered my anxiety, and I was always behind. You ever feel like you couldn’t catch up no matter how hard you tried?

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You don’t have to feel that way anymore. You can be busy, get more done in a day, and go home at night and not be anxious about tomorrow. I changed, so can you. How did I change? Simple. I learned productivity secrets.

Productivity Secrets

I love productivity secrets. Using productivity secrets I transformed my output, pushed through my self-limiting beliefs and increased my income.

Why should you care?

Mastering productivity secrets will increase your output and help you get more done in a day than most people do in a week. How? Start by changing how you think about productivity.

The Psychology of Productivity

We have the wrong idea about productivity and productivity secrets. If you are like me you thought productivity was about being busy, feeling anxious, and working long hours to get everything done.

That is not right.

Productivity and productivity secrets are not about packing your schedule. Being productive means removing inconsistencies, hiccups in the work process, and wastes of energy in your day.

Look, energy is limited. You only have so much energy per day. Some people try to increase their energy through diet and supplements but it never lasts.

The most productive people remove things that drain energy. They do this by:

*Creating seamless transitions between project

*Identifying energy sapping problems and removing them

*Avoiding distractions

*Cutting out anxiety

In the past i’ve shared simple strategies to increase productivity. (Here)

Below you will find three techniques I use to multiply output. If you don’t use these techniques you will still learn the psychology behind what makes them work.

This is important.

The deeper game is about mastering psychology. Going for bigger wins and creating massive wealth results from mastering psychology. Mastering the psychology behind behaviour can unlock your true potential.

(Learn Productivity Secrets to Making $2,000 a Week. Here)

Three Techniques to Master Productivity

1)Front Loading:

Before starting work take a minute and ensure everything you need is ready.

Example:If you are a writer working on an article for a client make sure you have the notes on what the client wants, all the links and research needed for the project pulled up and accessible, and your notes or outline for the article.

Being prepared means you don’t waste time looking for resources. This also makes sure you don’t interrupt your work flow. There is nothing worse than being in the zone only to have to stop and find one little thing. It can throw off an entire project.


Set aside a period of time to do similar projects one after the other.

Example:When you are writing a proposal don’t write just one. If you need to send multiple proposals in a day do them at the same time.

Batching saves the energy it takes to get started over and over by only having to start once. We all have parts of projects that are tedious (sending emails, proposals, research). It is a waste of energy to do them one at a time. Once you start complete your to-do list for the day and move on.

3)Trigger Flow State:

Use consistency to trigger flow state and do your best work anywhere and anytime.

Example:While writing I listen to ambient music. The music creates enough noise that my mind keeps from getting distracted and it has a calming effect. This combination triggers my flow state.

Stephen King mentions in his book about writing, ‘On Writing’ (Here) that he loves to blast rock music while he writes.

You might not like music at all. For you flow state could be triggered be an angle of the screen and comfortable pants. The key to triggering flow state is creating consistency.

In Josh Waitzkin’s book ‘The Art of Learning’ (Here) he teaches CEO’s to master their flow state by creating daily practices. Find your daily practice and master it.

Final Thought

The purpose of productivity is to remove things that drain your energy and keep you out of flow state.

If you want to crush your anxiety, outperform your peers, and triple the amount of work you get done in a day create a daily practice, batch your projects, and come to your work ready to get things done.

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