Three Simple Yet Effective Ways to Avoid Job Burnout

Most of us love our jobs. They provide our family with financial security, give our life a purpose, and ourselves a daily routine. These realizations motivate us to get firing on all cylinders, meet every deadline that comes our way, and take on all the projects which our boss can throw at us.

Until one day, it seems to us that we’ve hit a brick wall. Our mind freezes, and nothing seems to go our way. Our nerves, which we previously thought were made of steel, start to show that they, too, are vulnerable like everything else in our body.

This sudden exhaustion upends our life. Deadlines are missed like never before. Projects remain unattended on our desk. Emails stay unread in our email folder. Phone calls from clients cannot get ourselves on their end.

In case you are wondering, this is what burnout looks like. I can tell you that because I’ve experienced it as I was trying to scale the ladders of my career. Luckily for me, I came across the following tips which helped me avoid taking all those routes in the future which had previously led me to the cliff.

#1: Plan Regular Social Activities

Remember the last time you spent time with people who aren’t your coworkers? You watched movies alongside them, ate in their company, and went with them on trips. Your life was way more active back then, and it was definitely way more fun!

It’s time that you regain some of those feelings by getting in touch with your best friends. You don’t have to plan an overseas trip to get back that emotional fulfilment. A monthly trip to your local cinema with those people in your company will do just fine.

#2: Take daytime naps

Looking for ways to refresh your brain after a busy morning at the office? The best way to do that is to use your free time to doze off. Research states that people who sleep in the daytime for 15 to 90 minutes have improved focus, memory, and creativity.

Furthermore, there are studies out there that draw a direct line between a quick nap and a decrease in stress levels. That means that during the lunch break, park your smartphone on one of your office’s charging stations for phones and doze off.

#3: Set Your Limits

Sometimes it’s very difficult to put away your smartphone on the phone kiosk. The never-ending stream of work messages and emails makes it almost impossible for you to take your eyes off the screen and focus on your loved ones who might be there for you.

As difficult as it might be, you should set your limits in the post-work hours. Use a polite but firm tone to remind your coworkers that just like everyone else, you too have a family life. This simple act of unplugging will go a long way in keeping burnout at bay.