You want more and here’s the truth… it’s available for you.

Not only is it available, you creating the bigger life you’ve been dreaming of is vital to your well-being, your fulfillment and the entire planet.

I know you might have felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what you’re meant to be doing with your life and worried that this is as good as it’s going to get while at the same time feeling like you should just be grateful for what you have and stop asking for more.

But the truth is that desiring more is natural! I remember the full body chills of truth I felt the first time I came across one of my favorite lines in The Science of Getting Rich (a classic book on shifting to a prosperity mindset written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles) which says:

“That which makes you want more money is the same as that which makes the plant grow; it is Life, seeking fuller expression.”

Wallace D. Wattles

And it’s not just about more money, it’s more everything — more fulfillment, more purpose, more expression, more freedom. 

You wanting more doesn’t mean you’re being ungrateful, it means you’re ALIVE!!

The wanting of more is not only natural it’s required for you to expand into your full expression and have the life and impact you are meant to have.

What I know to be true is if you’re reading this, you’re a visionary. You’re someone who has a bigger vision for your own life and for the entire planet.

You may even share the “crazy” vision with me that world peace is possible and that we’re in a time of important conscious evolution.

And here’s the thing… YOU are a vital part of this shift!

You discovering your purpose and living it is one of the most important things you could do for your life and for the whole world.

Do you see how you discovering your purpose isn’t about you being “up in the clouds” or irresponsible?

Quite the opposite the most responsible thing you could do is live your truth, discover your purpose, be paid for your soul work and fill the unique role on this planet that can only be filled by you.

And if this feels too far “out there” then take a moment to consider some of the most successful and fulfilled people on the planet like Beyonce, Oprah, and Sir Richard Branson and what they all have in common…

They discovered their purpose and unapologetically lived it.

They’re not different than you, they didn’t have some big break that guaranteed their success. They discovered why they’re here, what their unique gifts and skills are and they went all in with them despite the fear and second guessing they felt at times.

They are living the life of their dreams and fulfilling their purpose, so they live in financial overflow which allows them to have, be and do exactly what they desire AND have a massive positive impact on the overall well-being of the planet at the same time.

You too have this potential, and the most practical and productive thing you can do is to discover your purpose and then make the bold liberating choice to live it.

After having personally guided thousands of clients through doing just that over the last decade now it’s your turn.

Here are the three steps to help you discover your true purpose on this planet, the life and work that will bring you the greatest impact and fulfillment and then start living it now!

Step 1: Your desires are the road map to your dream life.

Here’s the secret – your dreams and desires aren’t crazy, they’re actually the road map to the life that’s meant for you. If you want it, this or something better is available.

Each of us has desires that are completely unique. You may dream of traveling the world with just a backpack learning about local cultures while someone else would love nothing more than a cottage in the country where they could quietly spend their time writing novels.

You have your dreams for a reason and they are the breadcrumb trail leading you to your destiny if you will give them the attention and focus they deserve.

I’m guessing up to this point you’ve been in a space of feeling like you don’t know what your real dreams are or you’ve put too much pressure on yourself to pick just one so it’s clouded your ability to see clearly.

Let me present you with another way of thinking about all of this:

  • You absolutely do already know your true dreams, desire and even purpose but the pressure you’ve put on yourself to choose “right” and then the fear of “how can I make it happen” are keeping you stuck
  • It’s time to adopt a new belief system that you cannot choose wrong. It is impossible, you cannot mess this up because everything is ALWAYS working out for you, everything is always adding up in your favor and happening for you and not to you, so release the pressure of needing to choose right and let yourself get clear on what you really desire.

So how do you get clear on what you really desire out of life? Zoom out the perspective so you’re not getting stuck in all the details and choose to intentionally release all the emotion, pressure and fear around this decision for a moment.

One of the best ways to do this is to journal on the following questions:

“If I could create and live the life I really desire and I knew with complete certainty it would work, I would now…”

And to help you release any of the worries around money and how you’re going to make it happen:

“If I automatically received a check each month that covered all my expenses and desires and knew money was completely taken care of, what I would now be doing with my life is…”

What these questions do is remove all the fear and pressure and connect you directly to your soul guidance which will never steer you wrong.

Take some time to journal on both of these questions, see what comes up and then start making a list of all the common desires, experiences or themes that come up for you.

These are unique to you and will lead you to your purpose and real fulfillment.

Which brings us to the next step of what to do with this new information…

Step 2: The way to the life of your dreams is THROUGH it.

Meaning, who would you be if you were already living your dream life? What would your thoughts, energy and emotions be like?

You can be this version of you now even if you’re still working in the job you don’t love in order to pay the bills. 

Look back at your list of dreams and desires and ask yourself if you knew money was totally taken care of then what would actually be important to you right now?

What would you love to be learning more about, where would you travel to, is there something you’ve been wanting to study that just seemed a little crazy but if you had freedom of money and time you’d dive in right away?

Be totally unapologetic, look at your list from step one and give yourself full permission to dream big for a moment — which of your dreams and desires do you feel so drawn to diving into first if you knew you couldn’t choose wrong?

Once you have clarity on this then dive in in any way possible. You don’t need a million bucks to start living your dream life now, but you do need to start moving in that direction. If you feel called to travel to a specific destination then start researching exactly where you would go, where you’d stay, how you’ll travel, the sites you’ll see and how it will feel to be there.

Calculate up exactly how much it would cost to do this and then write out a list of 20 ways that this money could come to you.

So often we never get clear on what something would actually take to do it and keep ourselves stuck in the mindset of “I can’t do that” right from the beginning.

But when you ask better questions you get better answers.

Meaning instead of deciding something isn’t possible before you’ve even done the research ask a better question like “HOW is this possible for me?” and get the mental juices flowing by thinking up 20 ways you could live this right now.

You’ll be surprised by how creative and powerful you are and may realize you could easily get a side job abroad or even contract work online that replaces your current salary and start traveling as soon as you desire.

Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning your own freedom based business that will let you work, play and earn totally on your own schedule. This was my big dream because what I wanted more than anything is freedom!

So I went and bought the domain name for my business, I joined free business groups on Facebook, started following people online who had already done it to inspire me and read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles 6 times in a row to get my money mindset on point so I’d start believing I actually could do this.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to move you toward your dreams today that are incredibly low priced if not free. 

And as you start living your dreams, your purpose will continue to become clearer because you’ll learn to hear and honor the guidance of your soul that is speaking to you all the time when we slow down enough to listen.

Start becoming the version of you who already has what you desire in your emotions, feelings, energy and even actions and calling in your dream life will be guaranteed.

Step 3: Realize that you are important and living your purpose will change the world.

Don’t roll your eyes. The sooner you understand this the easier all that “practical” stuff will become. 

We often don’t give ourselves permission to discover our purpose and live our dreams because we feel like we’re being unrealistic to think it’s possible.

When we get honest with ourselves, by using the previous two steps, and realize we basically want to be paid for being ourselves, helping others, traveling the world and living the good life we feel crazy because this hasn’t been openly modeled for us in years past.

But, times are changing and you living your dreams and being paid for being you is one of the most important things you could do for the entire planet.

People need the unique wisdom, skills and stories that only you can share and you can’t even begin to imagine how many lives you will inspire and impact in the most positive way just by being all of who you really are.

Good people do good things when they have the time, money and mindset to be their fullest expression in the world.

Think back to my examples of Oprah and Sir Richard Branson. Do you think they could have the massive positive impact they do if they hadn’t been so bold to discover their purpose, be paid for their soul work and live their dreams?

Meaning there has never been a better or more important time for you to discover your purpose and live a life beyond your wildest dreams – for your own life and the entire world.

Just imagine if every person chose to do their unique soul work in this world what a difference that would make.

Who knows, it just might be the secret to shifting the world as we know it into a space of real love, connection and even peace where every being finally lives free.

That’s what I believe. Will you join me?

Reading this can absolutely create shifts, but if you want to change your life then there’s nothing more powerful than doing the exercises above and deciding that your desires get to be yours.

And I’d love to hear from you! What’s the one desire you know is meant to be yours that you haven’t taken action on yet? Tell me in the comments below.